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  1. Yeah, I inherited the domain setup like that How would I go about this? Should I check for this under the WIX settings? Would this be what I see when I log into the site by any chance?
  2. I tried the delegation, to point to the SOA and their relevant ip. Still did not change anything. Did a restart of dns, cleared the cache as well.
  3. Hmmm, I haven't tried that... Will give it a go!
  4. Hi all, I have been struggling for a while and can't get this to work. We have an internal domain with the same name as our website. Eg: Name.com , website: www.name.com. Domain controller is running Windows Server 2008 R2 and is also handling internal DNS requests. You cannot access the website from within the network, without it pointing to the Domain controller. In the past I created a WWW "A" record in DNS to link to the website's direct IP. We have recently switched to WIX and since they have server farms you cannot access the site by only entering the IP
  5. P.S mine does not have the top exhaust vents.... This is not the silent edition in the pic
  6. Hi Everyone, I have a quick question regarding the Corsair Carbide 100R silent Chassis and adding an additional front fan. It could be either 140mm or 120mm, but would an SP fan work better in the limited intake space compared to an AF fan? Thank you
  7. So I shouldn't mix the two kits?
  8. Yes, sorry,... The one is Corsair Vengeance CL9 and the other Kit is Adata Gaming Series CL9
  9. Yeah look.... Its 8GB kit at 1.5V (2x4gb) and a 8GB kit at 1.55-1.75V (2x4gb) So I want to go from 8GB in dual channel to 16GB in all four channels..IF that makes sense..
  10. Won't the 1.55-1.75 V one be able to run at 1.55V?
  11. Hi, I have 2x4GB 1.50V Ram running in dual channel and have another 2x4GB 1.55V-1.75V Ram that I would like to install in dual chanel. Would it work without changing anything? Or would I need to make some changes? Thanks! P.S. The CL ratings and Frequency are exactly the same!
  12. Has anyone built a "desk pc" on here and had any issues with RF or EMF interference? It would be interesting to see if the pumps or PSU cause any kind of interference. I would like to build something similar, albeit smaller, and was wondering if I would put my wifi router on top of the glass table top, would there be any issues? I wonder if Linus has experienced any issues? It would be nice to here from him after using this desk for a while now. Anyone?
  13. What seems to be trouble you. It looks like standard fan spliiters to me?
  14. I could be totally safe and wire it to the 5V and the ground... Which will run my 2000RPM CoolerMaster Sickleflow x fans at around 600RPM. The CFM should be around 21 "ish".... I am setting them up in my InWin 303 as exhaust at the top, and would put fans running at 1000RPM at bot for a slightly positive air pressure.