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  1. Hi, I have something weird with my pc, q9400 2.6 ghz zotac gtx 750 ti 2 gb 4 gb My audio works fine when i hear music but when i play or even browse! my audio just die, it works for a minute or two than it dies. and when i cooll it (a big fan towards the pc) it works again... well- what i need to do? buy a better cpu cooler? or its a problem with my motherboard or Power supply?
  2. were back........ it does that again. after i reinstalled wndows
  3. thank you very much for your help! my pc is working fine now.
  4. im so damn stupid!!!!!!!!!!! i by mistake erased my entire ssd!@$ so now im trying to reinstall windows
  5. it says that i cant install it on my ssd- it says that my ssd is Efi and i need to isntall it on Gbt or something like that-
  6. it didnt helped... it stills go to 'inaccessible boot device'
  7. Hi! i update my bios (i have asrock h67m) than my pc didnt boot with the blue screen crashes after 1\2 second, i mangaed t see that its 'inaccessible boot device after bios update' please! what can i do! everything that i saw on the internet didnt helped me.
  8. all the drivers that i downloaded from there didnt recognize my gpu
  9. great... now when i install driver its wont recognize that i ahve a Gpu and won install it. what can i do?
  10. it can be! because the gpu works runs without it... but now my pc dont recognize that i have a gpu... mybe the driver?
  11. yeap do you see near the orange top left corner there someblack? thats where the cable comes in .
  12. HI! i just got aqnd old 9500gt (point of view), and i cant install it... it comes with 2 pins ( plux and minus seperated) and i cant figure it out where to plug them in the Mobo...( i have asrock H67M)... i realy need help thank you! Edit: my gpu runs but i cant install a driver! it wont recognize that i have a gpu...