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  1. U can buy them on aliexpress as well. Bryan from tech (yes) city made a video to this CPU last week or so.
  2. I'm using a broken Logitech G710+ keyboard, an old roccat taito mousepad, an old razer abyssus (mirror edition) and a Creative fatal1ty hs-800 ._. Want new gaming gear *.*
  3. Yaaaa gibe Nao pls my current rig has a 6700k with 16gb ram and a... a... Gtx 750 Ti... yeah... that's it. I'm going to buy a Gtx 1070 but i'm still poor...
  4. the projector looks nice and I'd like to win one of them because I need a projector and for me is a projector too expensive *.*
  5. Here some from Germany and Europe: 1070: http://geizhals.eu/?cat=gra16_512&xf=1439_GTX+1070#xf_top 1080: http://geizhals.eu/?cat=gra16_512&xf=1439_GTX+1080&sort=p
  6. I'm using a Logitech G710+ and i want a new one because lots of switches do not work anymore...