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  1. it's for school, thats why we have to use pascal...:/
  2. Hey, so I made this program in free pascal : PROGRAM foruthtask; USES CRT; CONST K=20 ; VAR A : ARRAY[1..K,1..K] OF INTEGER; N, M, I, J:INTEGER; Z,X:INTEGER; BEGIN CLRSCR; WRITE('rows N:'); READLN(N); WRITE('columns M:'); READLN(M); RANDOMIZE; FOR I:=1 TO N DO FOR J:=1 TO M DO A[I,J]:=RANDOM(61)-10; WRITELN('MASVS A:'); FOR I:=1 TO N DO BEGIN WRITELN; FOR J:=1 TO M DO WRITE(A[I,J]:4); END; READLN; END. And I have to put bubblesort into this, so it sorts numbers ascending, can someone please help?
  3. I know how to use readln, i just wanted to know how do I type my IP so i can calculate other things later.
  4. Thanks, ill try to understand this. But how do I do the thing with getting my IP in? like Writeln('Type in your IP'); readln(...) what do I do with the readln?
  5. I know how to convert from decimal to binary, the problem is that i have to convert the IP address and it consist mostly of 4 parts like 192.xxx.x.x, which are seperate and i can't find any way to do that.
  6. Hey, So, we are currently studying programming in Free Pascal and I got this task to complete within this day, i can't find any solution and I am not that good at this, so I am asking for someone to help. Task : I have to make program in Free Pascal (keep in mind that it's Pascal) that allows you to type in your IP adress and it converts it from decimal numbering system to binary numbering system. Also it has to do something with operations div and mod. Thanks, And sorry if there are any mistakes, I'm not speaking english in general.