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Posts posted by Bcat00

  1. 6 hours ago, c0mplexx* said:

    I'm looking to get a robot vacuum but they mostly seem too expensive and im kinda suspecting the cheap ones so I was wondering what's the cheapest decent/good robot vacuum? for hardfloors specifically I dont have carpetted floors

    Check out vacuum wars on YouTube, the guy does a amazing job of reviewing the topic, far better than any answer this forum can give you

  2. 1 minute ago, pas008 said:




    First off, you are comparing a video streaming service to a game service that can live or die based on the latency of ones connection. 

    Try telling that to a gamer that just got shot dead because of a delay in their gunfire, let's see how that will sit with them. I'm pretty sure they will tell you to get lost and stuff that service down your throat for getting them killed.

  3. 12 hours ago, PeterFile said:

    I've heard one of the reasons gamestop is loosing business is similar to this. Stuff like corporate giving unrealistic expectations and often forcing them to lie to customers. That and the fact that everything is digital

    That’s not even remotely true lol

    gamestop is dying because people don’t care to buy physical games anymore and if they did it’s a minority group. It’s like how blockbuster went out of business, their era is over and something new has replaced it


    any other reason is tiny and not enough to justify their closure

  4. I thought there's a OLED monitor that came out isn't there? Why dont you try that instead since IPS isn't the panel you like. I personally think IPS is okay but not amazing compared to my OLED tv, but hey, the technology isn't there yet so its that or a TN or VA that seems blurry when i play on a fast FPS game.