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  1. No actually the PSU was in the lower half. If someone were to build this design today then an SFX PSU could definitely live in the top section leaving more room in the lower section for air coolers etc.
  2. It's to pull fresh air into the cpu heatsink at the top of the case. Remember this is back in the day when airflow wasn't as front and center in the design of PC cases.
  3. Just wanted to shine a light on this wonderful monolithic design from early 2000s Sony. They seem to be quite rare, at least here in North America. I love the out of the box attempt to cool the crazy hot Prescot Pentium 4 and the later Pentium D. I remember seeing these back in the day and wanting one just as bad as I wanted a PowerMac G5. Alas I was a poor high schooler who could barely afford a 6600gt. Anyway, that is all. PS - If you have one of these, i'll totally buy it from you.
  4. How does the cooling in this server compare to the render server? Could you adapt this chassis design for that purpose as well? Also, did you consider having some type of leak detection/containment built into the chassis (v2)?
  5. No it was just getting too hot for my tastes. Securely erasing several drives, so it's working harder than normal today. Also, just did it for fun.
  6. DIY heatsink with staples and NT-H1. Yup.
  7. Looking for an affordable MATX case similar in aesthetic to Fractal Core 1000 or Carbide 270R specifically with a full length basement. I just want to hide as many cables as possible. I don't necessarily need options for lights, watercooling, or fancy features.
  8. Tossing the idea around of building a Mini-STX (5x5) or NUC system into a GameCube enclosure for emulation purposes. I would love to try to fit a dedicated GPU in there somehow, but would obviously need to find a M.2 to PCIe x4 adapter. Anyone have any experience with a true x4 adapter. I've seen people commenting that some adapters are reporting x4 but are really only x2. Thanks.