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  1. I have an $5000 budget and it's about time to upgrade my PC. Performance has been pretty lame. Currently using a i7 4790k with an R9 Fury and 32GB of RAM on a fiber line. My current setup simply can't keep up anymore. I'd like to stream HBO at a silky smooth 24 FPS. I don't play games or anything, I usually use my PC to spread bitterness through online forums and discord.
  2. This kind of trash is why I don't use this forum anymore and resent the nerd that sent me this link.
  3. Are you being intentionally daft or just skimming posts and filling things in as you go?
  4. @Charger you got any resources and recommended lubricants for MX reds? Shine mini is starting to feel kinda scratchy
  5. im not saying go out and watch it, i'm saying S2 is not as bad as S1 admittedly, shows like these are my go to for when I'm doing something else, so it often won't get my full attention. edit: yeah, I did paste this image earlier. Direct paste shows the image in here, but removes it from the post. Nice.
  6. oh, whoops I meant to post an image of me highlighting the improvements of Asterisk S2 could have sworn I pasted it in here... good ole' forum updates.
  7. coincidentally I do this from time to time, and some people don't really understand that or get bothered by me badmouthing their first born an anime they liked. ended up just doing that, because I think Asterisk gets dumpstered universally, lol.
  8. some of you dudes should hop back on discord bandwagon, the honeymoon phase is mostly over. makes the forum pretty useless now. note the wording, if you're going to be a spaz on there then this isn't an invite
  9. Fred, the heck are you doing back in August of 2015
  10. You missed the entire fucking point of the video.
  11. If you lap both CPU and Heatsink, the benefit becomes pretty apparent as you increase TDP (assuming imperfections) Cooler was a Xigamatek Loki, pretty underwhelming, especially for a BD chip. This was a long time ago, and I only did it because I was curious and was going to sell it anyway. Most improvement was likely from CPU lapping. 8150 was lapped down to mostly copper finish with varied grit from 400 to 2500 on glass. CPU IHS was noticeably concave, you can tell easily from where the copper begins to show during the lapping process. Because this was
  12. Tbh, the most recent episode wasn't that terrible and is a (small) cut above the rest of the entire thing It looked like they were going to do some introspection on MC. I say looked like, because they didn't go very far. But I appreciate the attempt kinda
  13. If you have to put something on that the kids can watch too, then I guess I could say that it's okay
  14. awww yiss, season 2 of Konosuba is gonna be a thing though season 1 is only 10 episodes.
  15. IIRC that thing had a "dramatic" scene in it about death that was borderline unintended comedy "It was just a prank bro" Very little I remember about it krim why do you love wasting time so much
  16. is it really though? Gundam and Eva seem pretty different to me. By volume there's an ocean's worth of more comparable (borderline derivative) material but I guess the two are more ubiquitous
  17. Concept and production values are nice and all, but hot damn ERASED plot is actual swiss cheese. Episode 10 had DeathNote levels of "huh" Dreadfully bad episode, jesus I think this anime may have just murdered itself The only way they can salvage this thing in my eyes is if otherwise this thing is probably one of the sloppiest anime I've ever watched
  18. the manga should continue it ...right?
  19. meh, it's not hitting me yet only two characters so far really sat through 3 eps and it seems "k" so far I'm not really understanding the main point of the story with coils and illegal coils and shit seems like a problem that they're inventing like i'm not really sure why this is a thing or something worth centering a plot on top of Also giving Gangsta another shot. After episode 1 it gets kinda okay. Episode 1 was deceptively bad. Aside from the pop-electrotrash OP, musical choice is decent.
  20. dimension W chasing the dreams of moe robots I think this would have been more entertaining had it been energy crisis in general and not conflict sprung from some arbitrary "technology" harvesting the power from some recently discovered dimension. seems entertaining, background story seems... stupid.
  21. I kinda liked that aspect, they base Akito on that entire concept with the movies taking place on the western front. The way I see it, is they kept the battles in there but shifted the focus away from fighting and more towards "politics" and drama. Personally I liked it, gave it a different taste compared to R1.
  22. weird you think that, I liked season 2 more. Was one of those rollercoasters where it goes faster and faster the long you stay. Ending was decently done, but I'd wish they didn't add that slight ambiguity at the end. People keep talking about that shit even after the writers/studio flat out said no. First one or two Akito movies were good, but I think the ones following were kinda "meh" not much to look forward to. The power creep in R2 was a bit annoying. Akito kinda pulls it back a bit but they go for cinematic "action movie" style fighting and a
  23. well, Gundam Wing was kinda boring. Tried to sit 3 eps. Main pair were really not likeable, and I have enough content stockpiled to be really picky. Dropped. I did like the dude with the mask (who seems to be the antagonist of some sorts?) seemed like an interesting character. A decently made matter-of-fact style opposing villain/antag. i.e. not a james style bad guy that many anime stick with. Gundam 08th MS team seems quite decent after one episode though.
  24. Same. I read that thumbnail and was like wow just really must be running dry on ideas
  25. Hang on a minute here. Erased is okay so far, but it has a few plot holes and some weird character interactions. If they don't address some of the glaring issues, I'm going to be pretty disappointed.