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  1. The back of it makes me think of magic mouse... I hate apple so much sometimes.
  2. Everyone and their mother does game reviews. Toys would be a nice addition.
  3. I'm not going to argue this anymore, if he wants to RMA it without doing any troubleshooting he can go ahead, but i'm just advising him based on information that I looked up.
  4. No device being found could be a bios issue where it is not detecting it. If after he updates the bios and the nic driver, it still does not show up, then I would RMA it.
  5. But if it is not a hardware problem, why replace the hardware?
  6. Says the guy with a Clarkson picture and an iPhone LOL. But in all seriousness yes, I put them on. Gotta represent 'yo
  7. The CPU's would be worthless and those GPU's would not be too far behind.
  8. Why go through all the trouble and time of that when it seems to be something that other people have experienced problems with. Two seconds of a google search and you can find information on the issue. If the troubleshooting cannot fix it, then RMA it. But troubleshooting could save time and shipping costs.
  9. APU's might see better performance with the higher frequencies that DDR4 will have, but not anything MASSIVE.
  10. No... he hasnt even troubleshooted it yet. Drawing that conclusion right away is the exact opposite of Troubleshooting. Update your BIOS, this has somehting to do with your network connection. Update your network drivers aswell, this seems to be a somewhat rare occurance with the 8000 series NIC.
  11. This, is an amazing idea. Moar!
  12. As a gamer though, I do not use more than 8 GB EVER. I can understand 32 being justified for a workstation, but unless it is running specific applications that require a massive amount of ram (which compared to most users of RAM is miniscule), I cannot see the justification for buying DDR4 based upon the increase in capacity. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying its going to be absolutely useless, i'm saying for the large majority of people it will.
  13. It is tailored to a specific audience. It isnt meant to appeal to (and this is my personal opinion) anyone in our demographic. The form factor is incredible but with its price, thats all that it has going for it.