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  1. Isn't Free-Sync over HDMI only come with HDMI 2.1? Nvidia card only has HDMI 2.0, even if they want to support it, it will be on their next GPU, unless they can update HDMI through driver or firmware.
  2. If the monitor has adaptive-sync and HDR, can I run both HDR and adaptive-sync at the same time if that monitor is not a G-sync Ultimate monitor? Does G-sync ultimate mean you can have variable refresh rate and HDR at the same time or just mean that both features were certified by Nvidia?
  3. Human eyes can not see the difference between 444 and 422 and in most cases even 420, the only exception is when looking at text over a colour. They should support it, if the tech is there why not use it, especially when some will cost over $5K, unless the GPU doesn't support it.
  4. I think it is better to deal with turning up and down chroma subsampling than dealing with tearing from dual cable setup, so I don't think they will support 2 hdmi setup.
  5. I hope they will update it when HDMI 2.1 is out, but with all monitors announcements from CES today I probably not going to need it.
  6. I don't want to buy a new GPU because my 1070 SLI is still capable of running AAA game at 4k at 60+FPS High - Ultra setting, so just to spend another 1500 bucks on GPU to get an HDMI 2.1 is not worth it for me.
  7. How likely it is that there will be a DP 1.4 to HDMI 2.1 adapter that works? speculating of course, or if anyone has technical knowledge on this subject that will be great. I'm thinking about getting a new display for my PC after I've seen how good HDR displays are, but is there is no big (34"+ 21:9 or 40"+ 16:9) good HDR monitor available, so the only way to go is TV, which in this year should be rolling out with HDMI 2.1 finally enough bandwidth to support 4K 10bits 444 at 60+ FPS. The problem is my 1070 only has DP 1.4 and HDMI 2.0, so to get the signal from my PC to the TV I'l
  8. Hi, I recently got a new phone (Xperia Z5) so I decided to turn my old phone (HTC Butterfly S) into car stereo head unit, so I wondering how can I transfer a call or access contact list from my Z5 with my HTC via Bluetooth or WiFi? Right now I'm using my Garmin GPS unit which paired with my Z5 via Bluetooth, I can answer a call and access my contact list from there, but because it's a stand-alone gps unit the call go through small speaker on the back of the unit and the microphone is not very good, so it would be nicer to do it through the HTC which connected to car speaker. If anyone knows ap
  9. I would hang the TV over computer monitor, it should be easier to watch.
  10. I love their products, but man their customers service is so bad, from where I live it always take at least 3 month to get something fixed.
  11. Every Asus products I've ever used, Sabertooth-x58(twice), X79 Deluxe, Gtx 570 DCU2 and a wifi router.
  12. The only reason I hated Microsoft is xbox. PC is the largest gaming platform and yet they still pushing for xbox, I wanted to love you Microsoft, but you have to get your crap together.