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  1. How did you deploy Teams to the instance? Was it done with the ALLUSER=1 and ALLUSERS=1 flags via MSIEXEC? The presence system should definitely be working as it's an officially certified environment. This might also be of interest; apparently the same environment had a registry issue: Teams Presence addin not working in Oulook - HDX Microsoft Teams Optimization Pack - Discussions (citrix.com)
  2. Yeah 100% correct - when you’re looking at organisations who have licensing to cover 20+ PB, there’s no way in hell they’ve got that spare in Australia on flash storage for SharePoint SQL
  3. You sure about that? There’s a clause in the OST that explicitly states that organisations with billing addresses outside of the EU then the data may be moved or stored in the EU or US.I believe this is something that can be negotiated as part of the EA but I know a few orgs that failed to discuss that bit. https://www.microsoftvolumelicensing.com/Downloader.aspx?DocumentId=18738
  4. Just a shame you can’t lock that to NZ or Aus only storage for compliance like you can with commercial
  5. Where is the data sitting? I'd be looking at using Azure Files as a destination for backup (or AWS if that's your preference), it's just a case of how you get it there. If it's on a NAS (e.g. Synology, QNAP), they have native Azure & AWS backup options while with Windows Server, you could look at something like Veeam to replicate to Azure.
  6. Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are essentially the same thing with two different pricing and responsibility models: it's SaaS licensed via SKU through Microsoft 365 (CSP/EA/COMDIR) rather than IaaS via compute in Azure. See below re management options - if you've got specific questions, feel free to PM me. In very much the same way: Azure Virtual Desktop and by extension, Windows 365 end goal is complete cloud based management through AzureAD & Microsoft Endpoint Manager. You can already run a hybrid join with AAD/MEM and public production release of native cloud only should
  7. HyperV has native replication built in and though not recommended, you can run replication between 2016 and 2019. Alternatively you can look at a 3rd party product like Veeam. Set up Hyper-V Replica | Microsoft Docs About Veeam Backup & Replication - Veeam Backup Guide for Hyper-V
  8. Go to Settings > Account > Access Work or School, is anything listed there?
  9. Should be fixed in the next 2 hours, just pour one out for the service desk teams
  10. What version of Office - a retail version or a version you get through your work? If it's through work, do the following. If the C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft Office\ or C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\ directories still exist, reset the activation state to null: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office/troubleshoot/activation/reset-office-365-proplus-activation-state Download and unpack the ODT: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/details.aspx?id=49117 Create a config XML here (https://config.office.com/deploymentsettings), run the ODT and use that XML. E.g. if you've un
  11. Assuming this is hypothetical then that's really easy. Have a look at both the Microsoft Exchange Bandwidth Calculator as well as the Microsoft Teams Network Requirements documentation. This will allow you to estimate bandwidth. Having said that, if I was doing this for a client then we would be looking at: User layout: are all users in the same physical building or is it multi-campus. What is the inter-campus routing requirement Network layout: are Express Routes / Peering availible instead of routing all traffic over the WAN. What caching is available to reduc
  12. Then Meraki without question. I wouldn't be touching Ubiquiti with a 50ft pole for business use these days as they have issues with firmware updates causing no end of issues. Do a search through Reddit or their support forums and you'll find lots of people complaining about various connectivity issues with different wireless devices, DHCP timeout and failures etc. If you're looking for simple to manage then go with Meraki. While yes, it is expensive, Cisco isn't that cheap either especially when you factor in a matching support contract (if comparing apples with apples against Mera
  13. Sounds like you need to have an in-depth discussion internally about what needs to be achieved. Being in procurement, your job is to source something, not design it nor implement it. Not being rude; that's just the way it is. If you've been tasked to go to market and find a solution then you need a much clearer list of requirements compiled into an RFQ.
  14. That depends on the carrier - e.g. Qantas and I think Virgin have free in flight WiFi on most major routes here in Australia. Fast enough that you can stream 4K from YouTube. It's for inflight WiFi, not flight systems..
  15. I don't quite see what the issue is here? You mentioned using the N6300 and not getting 5Ghz wireless yet the screenshot shows 5Ghz wireless? 802.11A & N are both 5Ghz. The card is only capable of A,G & N. Edit: just re-read and realised what you mean. Is the SSID broadcast combined or separate?
  16. My recent experience with CSS326's forgetting their admin credentials until you reboot them would suggest otherwise Plus the UI is hot garbage - make changes to the VLAN's page, go to another page, make more changes, hit save and only part of the changes save. Currently ripping out a heap of Mikrotik kit and replacing it with Meraki MS & MX
  17. Honestly I wouldn't bother - perhaps swap out the USG with a UDM / USG Pro if you're wanting to do anything beyond stateful firewall on gigabit. Replacing the AP's, gateway and switches on a $1k budget means you're going to end up with a similar position to where you are now. Also look at moving that controller either onto the UDM or onto its own VM. The CloudKeys were more of a novelty than anything useful.
  18. So the concept is what we call Virtual Desktop Infrastructure however the implementation differs depending on the vendor and deployment model. The common ones out there are VMWare Horizon and Citrix however Microsoft have both a traditional VDI offering as part of Windows Server and their new Windows Virtual Desktop product as part of Microsoft 365. In terms of hardware (also known as compute), allocations are either done directly, e.g. each user is allocated X RAM and CPU's per OR the servers are scaled so that as more users login, more compute is made available. As part of this,
  19. Tried using the LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager to deal with it via Windows?
  20. Check these out UniFi - USG/UDM: Configuring L2TP Remote Access VPN – Ubiquiti Support and Help Center OpenVPN Setup & Configuration on UniFi Security Gateway - Step by Step Guide | Ubiquiti Community
  21. Ditch the idea of building your own email server and just purchase Exchange Online Plan 1 as a Microsoft 365 plan. Benefits of leveraging Exchange Online rather than building your own include: It's SaaS - no hardware or software maintenance (including outage windows) is required on your behalf. You don't need to worry about disk space, network connectivity etc. You're paying for them to handle that. Reliability - Microsoft have already done all the heavy lifting with the infrastructure to deliver a very reliable solution. To try and meet that level of reliability on your own is g
  22. So I've actually just updated that post for the first time in 4? years. Don't make it available over the WAN. Depending on your gateway/firewall manufacturer, look at creating your own VPN solution.
  23. Just happened to be passing by and saw this thread. Anyway. The AT2035 requires phantom power at up to 52V, hence your issues with the volume. However, I believe that UMC404HD should have phantom power available. You should be able to skip using that Yamaha all together and just use the Behringer kit.
  24. ..That's exactly what Teams Live Events is - 20,000 attendees
  25. Keep in mind this is just Teams Meetings - voice / video conferencing for all. You've also then got Teams Live Events which are capped at 20,000 and have a moderated Q&A etc.