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  1. So I've actually just updated that post for the first time in 4? years. Don't make it available over the WAN. Depending on your gateway/firewall manufacturer, look at creating your own VPN solution.
  2. Just happened to be passing by and saw this thread. Anyway. The AT2035 requires phantom power at up to 52V, hence your issues with the volume. However, I believe that UMC404HD should have phantom power available. You should be able to skip using that Yamaha all together and just use the Behringer kit.
  3. ..That's exactly what Teams Live Events is - 20,000 attendees
  4. Keep in mind this is just Teams Meetings - voice / video conferencing for all. You've also then got Teams Live Events which are capped at 20,000 and have a moderated Q&A etc.
  5. Not really - Intune on its own is expensive but it’s bundled with most subscriptions anyway.
  6. Download the ISO directly then use another tool to move it to USB. E.g. go to the creation tool site (https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/software-download/windows10), use dev mode to switch to iPad view, download the ISO. Then use Rufus (https://rufus.ie/) to burn the ISO to USB media.
  7. Considered using either Veeam & either direct to Azure or Cloud Connect? Otherwise why not just use the Synology to ship the data to Azure Blob?
  8. This is pretty much why we originally created it - in the same way Twitter has a way to discern legitimate accounts from everyone else, it was more to protect brand reputation.
  9. You're still around o.o

  10. That is entirely dependent on the services running on the virtual machines and whether they support that. For example, Exchange 2016 does not like any live failover/migration situations as it has its own systems built into it to achieve this. You'd have to ask the application developer.
  11. Uhh that’s entirely different - this is in reference to a commercial space where you need uniform centralised management, something that is somewhat non existent for Linux.
  12. I don't see how this is at all news anyway? Windows 10 auto-pilot has been available since late last year and provides automatic device provisioning Microsoft already provide Surface-as-a-Service platform and both HP & Dell have similar offerings themselves. You can also just arrange a lease agreement with a finance provider to solve the financial side of things. Intune device management already gives you the option to customise the Windows Update schedule for Windows 10 cloud managed devices. Failing to see what's new..?