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    lubblig reacted to Mr_KoKa in PHP - MySQL - JSON wrong JSON format   
    I mean php extension not mysql server itself. http://php.net/manual/en/migration55.deprecated.php
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    lubblig reacted to Centurius in Apple admits in open court to reuse old parts from damaged phones, in new ones   
    I honestly would object to companies not reusing parts. Recycling is almost never 100% and as long as it can pass the same quality tests as a completely new thing it should be fine.
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    lubblig reacted to Enderman in Apple admits in open court to reuse old parts from damaged phones, in new ones   
    1) good for them, that's called reusing and that is better than recycling or disposing.
    2) if it works, why the hell are you complaining... it's not like it's worse because it doesn't have new parts.
    3) this guy should stop buying apple products if he disagrees with their reuse methods.
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    lubblig reacted to 2FA in PHP - What password hash is this?   
    Hashing "types" as you call them are just different algorithms.
    I would say bcrypt is on par with SHA2 families as unlike SHA which is hash based, bcrypt uses Blowfish which uses a cipher. You can also change how many iterations bcrypt will go through before outputting the final hash up to a total of 31 iterations which is exponential. 14 iterations is similar to SHA-256 so being able to increase the algorithm exponentially helps deal with the exponential growth of computer processing speeds.
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    lubblig reacted to Mr_KoKa in PHP - What password hash is this?   
    Always check PHP docs. http://php.net/manual/en/function.password-hash.php
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    lubblig reacted to Nineshadow in PHP - What password hash is this?   
    Oh, @Mr_KoKa beat me to it.
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    lubblig reacted to espurritado in PHP - Connecting to MySQL DB   
    of the top of my head, you could store them in a separate file and use "require" for the variables. This does not remove your problem with the password in plain text, just moves it somewhere else.However, there should be no problem as long as you make sure there's no way to access the files inside the server from the outside since the front end won't be able to read the php scripts.
    Just remember to put the file with the users and passwords in the gitignore if you ever publish it to github or some other platform. You won't believe how many sensible passwords can be found if you read through the config files of github projects.
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    lubblig reacted to espurritado in PHP - Connecting to MySQL DB   
    never really needed to do it, however, here is the same question at stackoverflow
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    lubblig reacted to vorticalbox in PHP - Connecting to MySQL DB   
    storing the password like that is fine. No one other than yourself can see the password. The only way another person could see it would be to get access to your file on the server in which case reading a password is least of your worries.
    I would suggest moving to PDO for your database connections. Currently on a phone so can't type any code up but if no one has replied with a snip will post one when im next on a machine.
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    lubblig reacted to vorticalbox in PHP - Connecting to MySQL DB   
    Can be more secure I suggest reading up on it.
    <?php class db { private static $handle; public static function connect($host, $username, $password, $db){ self::$handle = new PDO("mysql:host={$host};dbname={$db}", $username, $password); self::$handle->setAttribute( PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_WARNING ); } public static function query($sql, $args=null){ $sth = self::$handle->prepare($sql); $sth->execute($args); return $sth; } } //connect to Database db::connect("", "root", "", "blog"); ?> then in your files
    require_once('conn.php'); //all SQL queries like this $sql = db::query("SELECT * FROM Posts ORDER BY date DESC"); //or with paras $sql = db::query("SELECT * FROM Posts WHERE ID=:id", array(":id"=>$_GET['ID'])); All the connection checking is done in the class so you don't have to re-write it a lot of times. Will say that some queries with quotes can cause issues but something to learn how to fix
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    lubblig reacted to tlink in iOS 10 prevents screenshots of material under DRM   
    this would actually be nice for privacy orientated chat apps.
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    lubblig reacted to Rohime in Looking for online backup provider.   
    Amazon Cloud Drive .... $60 Per Annum unlimited ( first 3 months free ).... $5/month 
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    lubblig got a reaction from Lurick in Looking for online backup provider.   
    Ok, yeah it might be the initial backup that Crashplan didn't "like" being too large. I'm not sure, I just remember reading it on the datahoarder subreddit that some people were having issues with CP a while ago. So not really any proof just what I've heard from others.
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    lubblig reacted to Centurius in Memorygate!! iPhone 7 32GB vs 128GB   
    Stop calling everything a "gate"
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    lubblig got a reaction from Phate.exe in How to build your own sever?   
    It depends on how many devices you'll be using simultaneously. But if you're only going to stream/transcode to one device at a time, a fairly low powered computer should work.
    If you are going to transcode, you're going to need a somewhat beefier CPU (as previously mentioned, if a device doesn't support the file format/codec/bitrate etc, the streaming software will have to transcode the file to make it playable on that device). I recommend using Plex for streaming as it will get meta data (cover art and information etc) automatically for you and works on most devices out there. It is completely free to use (You can purchase a Plex Pass to get extra features such as trailers for your movies, and their mobile apps has a one time fee) https://www.plex.tv/
    Their recommendation is a cpu of at least 2000 passmark score to transcode one 1080p for streaming (source: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/201774043-What-kind-of-CPU-do-I-need-for-my-Server-).
    If you're unsure if you're going to need transcoding, you can freely download and use the Plex Server software (windows program) on your computer now just to test if your files will need transcoding to whatever devices you may want to watch content on (phone, console, webbrowser etc). If they need transcoding, you may want to consider a pc with a CPU with a passmark of at least 2000 to handle it. It's possible to pre-transcode content with Plex. Which means that it doesn't have to transcode as you're watching but can transcode it during the night for example and then be able to directly stream the content to your device that needs it as it has transcoded copy of the file.
    I put together a computer that should work for you if you need transcoding. But please only consider this an example, there may be things you want to consider changing before purchasing. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/FqkJwV
    The CPU in the list has a passmark score of about 3500 (http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Pentium+G3470+%40+3.60GHz)
    You should do some research before though of course, and don't forget to buy an operating system (or use linux for free).
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    lubblig reacted to Phate.exe in How to build your own sever?   
    Before I got a really good deal on my Lenovo box, I was going to piece something together based on an intel avoton chip (my main focus was super-low power usage), and came to similar results as far as price.  I was pretty easily able to stay in the same price range if traded power consumption for cpu performance, and vice-versa.
    Ended up getting a TS130 without drives for too cheap to pass up, and so far am more than happy with the i3.  It'll use way more power than the atom box, but I came out around US$180 up and running, and it's still a huge improvement in power consumption over my phenomII rig with no loss in capability for my usage.
    My suggestion would be to look for a cheap tower microserver with your processor of choice, boot from a tiny SSD, and stick as many drives in it as you can.
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    lubblig reacted to Jack Longman in Tim Baxter President & COO of Samsung Electronics America Issued a Note 7 Apology Video   
    It is respectable that they owned up to the problem and accepted responsibility. Only slight problem i have is his language "to protect American consumers" I know he is from Samsung America but it would have been nice to do something 90% of american companies don't do and recognize that the rest of the world exists.
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    lubblig reacted to Master Disaster in EU copyright reform targets youtube   
    That's exactly the issue, this isn't the artists complaining, it's the greedy bustard studios and labels who want the bigger cut. I doubt the artists would see a penny of it. 
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    lubblig reacted to 79wjd in FAA bans Samsung Note 7 passengers from using their phone regardless if you have the replacement   
    Is using my iPhone 7+ on a plane going to land me in a TSA jail? No? Then the iPhone is better.
    /not s
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    lubblig reacted to That Norwegian Guy in Norway and Facebook clash over news censorship [Updated:FB backs down]   
    As a journalist, Facebook to me is another US medium doing US medium things. And while it's revolting what US mediums can get away with, (especially Fox news across decennia) the only power we have is to leave. I do fear for the people who use Facebook as a news source. Truly.
    EDIT: It's basically a clash of cultures

    Except I'd say USA has 'noticeable problems', that's for damn straight.
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    lubblig reacted to Shakaza in People who buy Android found to be more humble and honest than iPhone users   
    Hmm, I'm not sure if I want to believe this unless I can look at the research papers. How strong is the correlation? What questions did they ask? Is there any sort of bias involved? People generally want to have the traits of honesty and humbleness, so there is definitely some room for slant. 
    I don't know about that. High-end Samsung phones are generally marketed in the same way as iPhones and have similar price points. Do those users display similar tendencies to iPhone users? If so, there must be other factors involved. My first thought is that it's not really anything to do with phones at all, but rather social standing. If that is the case, then this article is clickbait with the intention of sparking controversy between iOS and Android users, which will generate a lot of interest, ergo a lot of views and ad revenue.
    In any case, I don't like this.
    And, uh, do they have anything in that study about people who use neither Android or iOS? I fall into that category.
  22. Agree
    lubblig reacted to Centurius in People who buy Android found to be more humble and honest than iPhone users   
    Two studies of very small samples(240 and 530), that measured different things and did not account for all possible related factors. Gotta love how the Daily Mail sensationalizes everything. 
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    lubblig reacted to Commodus in People who buy Android found to be more humble and honest than iPhone users   
    Yeah, the study's methodology is flawed... way too small a sample to be representative.  As it is, some of the responses in the thread seem to speak more about Android users' impressions of iOS users than the iOS users themselves.
    The truth is that both sides have their annoying advocates.  There are certainly people who are convinced that everything Apple does is great.  However, it's just as irksome when you run into hardcore Android advocates who are convinced they're "liberating" iOS users from the shackles of oppression, or pretend that using Android is counterculture when it's really the most conformist thing you can do.  It's a phone, folks, not a lifestyle choice.
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    lubblig reacted to dalekphalm in People who buy Android found to be more humble and honest than iPhone users   
    Yeah, this is the most ridiculous piece of news (And what a clickbait title!) that I've seen in a while.
    It's right there in the text, folks:
    They didn't use the study to analyze the characteristics of users, the use the study to analyze what people think of users of each OS.
    This study is fucking stupid, and the conclusions most people draw in this thread are pretty laughable. This is basically confirmation bias for all the Android users, who are like "DAMN RIGHT I'M HUMBLE!" lol
  25. Agree
    lubblig reacted to dalekphalm in People who buy Android found to be more humble and honest than iPhone users   
    @Gr0egercesg, I could just as easily say the reverse. Most people I know who have an iPhone are super nice people. I know lots of "arrogant" people who have Android, who think they're self-superior to iOS users because of "Open Source" and "customization", and all of that stuff.
    I honestly think there's no relation. I know Android users who are good too, and I know iOS users who aren't nice. I wouldn't say Android users are nicer in any meaningful way.