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  1. You are a God amongst men. I could find a definitive answer anywhere. Thanks a bunch kind stranger!
  2. Cool ty ill do that rn Edit: im dumbass and didn't read that post with the proper tense.
  3. tldr- im building a dual motherboard build and i cant find the answer anywhere else. I want to use hardline water cooling i wanted to use the Hydro X series water blocks. Issues is i want them to match and i have a lga 2011-v3 (in 5820k) motherboard and a lga 1200 board (i9 10900k). Is there a version of hydro X thats compatible? Thats similar/same look?
  4. ok im going to keep all of that in mind. im going to do some research real quick and ill get back here to update
  5. your actually a god. also, do you think i should go for a dual or triple radiator setup on the water cooling. i dont have any experience with cooling and tbh i think thats part of the issue on why my current pc is shitting the bed
  6. also, i just checked out the motherboard, i currently have 2 Ethernet ports on the motherboard. one goes to my internet and the other to my NAS. Any ways i can get past this (old nas only has an ethernet port and nothing else besides 3 usb ports
  7. i was looking at the kraken water cooling system. im going to maybe reuse my ram for a little while as im going to bite a significant bullet for the price of the parts. the gpu i have currently is a 1060ti (good gpu but i still need the upgrades) i plan on essentially keeping this thing constantly at peak clock speeds. do you think the closed water cooling loop will suffice to keep it at ok temperatures?
  8. im looking towards 1080p gaming (monitor being an asus vg278q 144hz monitor) and i need the single core performance more than multiple cores. i intend on using a 2080ti and maybe even 2 if i have the money for it. i have a budget around 1.5k but ill end up spending more like 2k
  9. also, any motherboard suggestions for dual Ethernet port motherboards?
  10. great suggestions. i see the numbers comparing the 3950x to the i9 9900ks. how can i translate that into some practical performance differences. im nervous about switching and have historically had bad times with amd. (as an intel fanboy)...
  11. Current setup: i7-5820k GTX 1060ti Gskill Ripjaws RAM Gigabyte el generico unimpressive motherboard in the wrong color. NZXT Kraken water cooler (single radiator) EVGA 850 T2 power supply What i need, looking for suggestions, my budget is whatever i can make in a reasonable amount of time. i9-9900k or ks (need advice below about that) and want a rig built around it for multitasking along with insane performance for games (specifically cpu intensive ones like MC and csgo). black and red theme purple ok. feel free to ask anything to
  12. This was the best piece of info and was exactly the reason i made this post. i have a friend group of 10 people all working on this. I am going to start on world gen with a mc style and skyrim textures first then add items and shooting mechanics. Thanks so much for this info. any tims / place you guy think will be easiest to start with on this project of mine?
  13. There are some great tools to help. you may wanna try code academy. Ive used it and it may help
  14. So. i have to admit I'm newish to code with the exception being arduino. I've never worked with a game engine but am interested to learn. A few friends and I are going to create a game that we hope will be revolutionary although we don't have the experience to know how to proceed. Me and my bois have certain things we do well (ie i do texturing well, my best mate does ai well etc.), we are going to learn the things we require on the coding side with the occasional leaning on here and reddit. My question is strange but i hope its understandable. The game will be as such: The building
  15. Ok thanks. Do you think that there is a way to split 1 output into 2 while downgrading one refresh rate and maintaining the other one?