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    Psittac reacted to Spartan2921 in Mix Audio sources using GameDAC or MixAmp   
    It can also be optical! 
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    Psittac reacted to Polycraft in Sound bar compatible with GPU and Display   
    Cheers mate for you answer

    Let's say that you pined point my fears about the input lag. I should pass for that one and stick a more regular solution.
    I made my own research about ATMOS and you right. It's not worth it for small spaces. I could be in a couch but I think I would go with powered monitor speakers or an AVR.
    ATMOS is a true feature for high-end equipment apparently. under 400€/$ it does not work as intended.

    I think you said it

    I will go from here and see and pick up some good stuff
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    Psittac reacted to Tigerleon in Which one is better   
    Open back imho are the best for gaming, especially games like tarkov since you want that openess. Again as semper said, it is subjective but the enclosed sound of closed back doesn't fit me for gaming. The DT 990 pros require pretty hefty amp so if you have an amp or an interface of some sort you're good. If you don't. You should look into less power hungry cans. Such as the X2HR's which I use daily after replacing my 990 pros. I have a little review down below comparing those if you're interested.
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    Psittac reacted to Semper in Which one is better   
    Open back and closed back is entirely subjective, and is going to be the most significant factor here. I'm currently running a pair of open back cans for universal use, but I do prefer closed back for gaming. It's taken a lot of trial-and-error to get my EQ to the point where I feel I have the situational awareness I did with my old set for competitive shooters.

    For general listening, movies, music, youtube, etc, i've been very happy with my open back's. They're easy to wear for long periods of time and they produce a much less fatiguing experience.
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    Psittac reacted to rice guru in after tips/opinions for a new audio n mic setup   
    80 ohm and lower beyers dont typically need a amp/DAC and entry level or closed audio tecnica models dont require amp/DACS either adn will work fine off a good modern motherboard. if you are looking into budget USB mics I would really reccomend loong at the samson q2u or audio technica 2005 ( I run this one myself) as the dynamic nature of them make them less environment picky and generally easier to run adn sound significantly better for stuff like discord and voice chat than a snowball or in my opnion a yeti. if you can find either mic MSRP that is should be around $50-$75 MAX as beyond that other people can reccomend  a nice budget interface mic combo that will beat basically any USB mic in the $100 + price range in regards to price to performance. 
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    Psittac reacted to rice guru in L4 Bass-y Headphones   
    My favorite bassy headphones sub $150 are the creative aurvana live and the live SE which is the refresh. Sivga sv 006 is also really nice, takstar pro 82 with the customizable bass ports is very comfortable and can get stupid bassy as well. 
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    Psittac reacted to Kilrah in Two computers into 1 DAC/AMP?   
    You use the VBAN section to send over the network. Don't need the "virtual cable" driver for most things as its functionality is already part of VM.
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    Psittac reacted to Samuel652 in fifine t669 mic on discord   
    Turn off echo cancelation and maybe noise reduction but echo cancelation defanetly messes with it you can listen to what you mic sounds like in the voice and video
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    Psittac reacted to The Flying Sloth in fifine t669 mic on discord   
    Make sure Discord is actually using your correct input device
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    Psittac reacted to pythonmegapixel in fifine t669 mic on discord   
    If you were using a poor quality mic before, is it possible that you cranked the input volume in Discord to make the sound audible from it and forgot to turn it down again, causing clipping?
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    Psittac reacted to rickeo in problem with realtek audio   
    https://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/B360 Pro4/index.asp#Download
    Get the latest driver there. 
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    Psittac reacted to HenrySalayne in Microphone That Cancels Speakers   
    Yeah, good luck with that.
    You can increase the SNR:
    - turn down the volume of your speakers as low as possible
    - increase distance between your microphone and your speakers
    - decrease distance between your microphone and your mouth
    - speak louder
    - use a directional microphone, point the axis with the highest sensitivity onto your mouth and put your speakers in the direction of the highest rejection
    - decouple your microphone from any structure-borne sound
    - use something like RTX voice or at least a gate
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    Psittac got a reaction from Slottr in Audio Problem With Discord   
    or go in settings in discord and change input volume

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    Psittac reacted to Slottr in Audio Problem With Discord   
    Control panel > sound > recording > "Your microphone" > preferences
    turn the gain up 
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    Psittac reacted to Slottr in Audio Problem With Discord   
    That window is preferences. Go to the levels tab and turn up the slider.
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    Psittac reacted to Eschew in Headphone upgrade   
    Hey there.
    A word of warning on the Massdrop x Focal Elex's: a good number of Elex's suffer from clipping issues (around 95-100 db) and left/right driver failures. Focal's left the QC/customer support for the Elex's in Drop's hands and/or is "pretending it's an intentional feature" (Quote & Elaboration: Reddit), and Drop doesn't seem intent on fixing it's problems. Also, Drop's RMA replacements seem to be returned Elex's, not new stock.
    Focal Elex - Mechanical Clipping in Slomo on Reddit. Does Focal Elex have QC problems? on Audio Science Review (Forums). Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones Review 1 on Drop. Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones Review 2 on Drop.  
    Can't comfortably say much in the way of headphone recommendations. I was in a similar spot ($500+ budget for open-back headphones), but with different music preferences, I think (preference for treble and vocals, plus some "punchier" bass). Looked at secondhand Focal Clears, Focal Elexs, AKG Pro Audio K712s (+ Fostex Amp), Sennheiser HD 660S's, and ended up going with open box HIFIMAN ANANDAs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Psittac reacted to CTR640 in Headphone upgrade   
    I have 6 Byers here and none sounds similar. And wether the big difference in price is big in "upgrade" is nonsense.
    The Tygr 300R is like a Amiron Home with DT880 in one headphone with smooth peaks that are not ear-piercing. The Amiron Home is warmer than the Tygr but damn, both are amazing! I do have one headphone and this is probably the last most expensive and it's the Klipsch Heritage HP-3. Treble is damn sparkly and vivid and bass is great too and the design is pure joy too. The included wooden box and the cool 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter :3
    Headphones "upgrades" are not like GPU's or phones. They are about the sound. It doesn't matter the price, if it costs 5000$ and you don't like it, then you simply don't like it. If it costs 200$ and you like it, then you like it. The term "upgrade" is nothing but bullshit because this hobby is entirely subjective. Not to mention about the designs too. Heritage HP-3 is the most sexy pretty thing to me, the Tygr 300R looks damn cool, Amiron Wireless Copper looks sexy in black and copper and the T5p.2 has an elegant and slick look. The 3 latter fits in your budget. The Heritage HP-3 has been discontinued but you could try Amazon or eBay. Your feeling about people thinking there is enough improvement between a 500-1000$ headphone is wrong 😛
    So you want warmer sound, then probably:
    Amiron Home
    Tygr 300R
    Others can add more to the list.
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    Psittac reacted to weez in Recommendations for an Audio Set Up   
    More info needed please. What are you using these for? What type of sound signature do you prefer? What do you prioritize more? Gaming, music, movies? How about the microphone. What are you using that for? Basic game chat? Casual live streaming? Give as much info as you can about the needs you want. Max $600 is a lot to work with
  19. Informative
    Psittac reacted to Bombastinator in Non damaging way to mount acoustic foam   
    The two non damaging things for wall mounting I know of are blue yak and command adhesive.  Blue tac was once called poster putty. It has extremely limited holding capacity, and command adhesive requires that its tab be accessible when mounted so that it can be grabbed and pulled to release it.  Command adhesive can stretch a foot or more when being removed and if it breaks during the removal process it can be a real PITA. One would assume what you would have to do is attach the sound absorbent material to a tile of some sort and then mount the tile to the wall using one of the two substances. 
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    Psittac reacted to Doug_Dangger in Physical media and FLAC   
    Anybody started on listening to music thru physical media?  Vinyl or CD?
    I would like to start listening and collecting again.  Many years ago I had a ton of CD from BMG and Columbia House.  Tells you about my age LOL!  Sadly I got rid of them after ripping them.  I know a bone headed move.  Not for a 22 year old then.  Hehehe.
    From the looks of it, CDs are a cheaper way to go than vinyl.  Average CD from Amazon is $8 while LP is about $17.  Then there's the player.  A good stand alone CD player is about $200 at least for a new one.  I know DVD players can play them too but so few of them have onboard controls or a display for the track.  I don't want to have to connect a monitor to navigate.  On the other hand record players are somewhat cheaper.  There are the crappy $30 ones all the way up to thousands of dollars.
    As for FLAC, I love it.  But where can I legally acquire or listen to the without resorting to the captain Hook way of life?
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    Psittac reacted to Heliian in I recently downloaded Alienware OC Controls and now my audio sounds very odd and not right, and I don't know what to do.   
    Remove alienware from it, it doesn't really work that well with non alien setups even though they "recommend" it. 
    Try this:https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-ca/000124640/overheating-fan-noise-freezing-blue-screens-slow-or-lagging-performance-with-the-g3-3579-3779-3500-g5-5587-5590-5500-5505-g7-7588-7590-7790-7500-7700-and-the-vostro-7580?lang=en
  22. Informative
    Psittac reacted to JCisme in I recently downloaded Alienware OC Controls and now my audio sounds very odd and not right, and I don't know what to do.   
    Yeah, I have used apple earbuds that now sound worse with the laptop.
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    Psittac reacted to H713 in DAC vs onboard   
    As mentioned, it probably comes down to USB isolation. Good DACs do this well, and over the past few years they seem to have gotten considerably better. Modern Schiit DACs tend to be just fine with this. Some of their older products had much lousier USB interfaces- hence why they sold a "USB Decrapifier". If your DAC has a "rather annoying noise", then either the USB power and/or USB ground noise is absolutely extreme or it's a lousy unit.
    I have never met someone who could tell the difference in a blind test between 96k and 192k sample rates. For one, almost none of the content you listen to will be available at those kinds of sample rates. Remember, CD quality is 16 bit 44.1 k.
    Just because your onboard audio claims to do 32/192 does NOT mean that it actually does. In fact, I can promise you that it doesn't even come close to 24 bits of dynamic range, much less 32. They're simply regurgitating the specs of whatever DAC chip they used. 98% of the time, the chip is not the limiting factor, it's the implementation and supporting circuitry.
    For better or for worse, the Sony MDR-7506 headphones are both very sensitive and rather bright, so they tend to make any noise issues obvious. They're also just about the single easiest load you could give a headphone amplifier, so you're unlikely to see too many differences in that department.
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    Psittac reacted to Brok3n But who cares? in Looking to upgrade   
    It'll depend on each headphone, most of the mentioned above probably will want at least an amp, but something like a schitt magni 3 or heresay for $100 should be fine. You might like the Beyerdynamic Tygr's for your use case. 
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    Psittac reacted to Solitaire in JBL Quantum Duo volume control sometimes not working (buggy drivers?!)   
    I've got a similar issue. In fact, the exact same issue. I found that after I updated the Duo software/firmware, it broke the windows volume control. It even renamed them as a SPDIF device. I've tried rolling back drivers and uninstalling, etc, but I fear the only option is to factory reset the speakers.

    However, there's no easy way to do this. Send in a ticket to JBL, and they'll forward you onto the crew from the audio specialist team.