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    Psittac reacted to Blue4130 in General Projector info?   
    I've been looking for one this past month, so I've done lots of reading. What I've decided on is a benq th685. It is 3500 ansi lumens, 1080p with 120hz, 8.3ms input lag. 
    May be a bit more than what they need, but the YouTube reviews make it look like a pretty good all around projector. 
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    Psittac got a reaction from Uttamattamakin in I need HELP with my new house...   
    Good advice, the biggest threat is a heat exchanger problem in a forced air system because the CO is being distributed directly into the bedrooms where people are sleeping.  We recommend having one in every room that someone sleeps in.  With something like a boiler, water heater, gas range etc it is more localized and not as much of a threat because chances are you will be awake when around these appliances and can notice that you aren't feeling well before there is a problem.  The best indicator of whether or not there is a mild CO leak is you, if you start to get a headache or feel nauseous but it goes away when you go outside there may be a CO leak.  Don't get me wrong, Everyone with a gas fed appliance should have at least one CO detector but forced air is the one that is likely affect you while you sleep.  In Linus' case one detector in or near the mechanical room should suffice but there can always be small amount's of spillage that should be checked out but it is normal.
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    Psittac reacted to CanadianJet in I need HELP with my new house...   
    I am a high-end home designer in the Fraser Valley, and I deal in 3D renderings and modelling of those homes. This includes VR walkthroughs of the home. I have designed theatre rooms and media rooms in the past as part of large houses. If this is a service that Linus is interested in, I'd love to offer my services!
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    Psittac reacted to mgltt in I need HELP with my new house...   
    So - there's home automation and there's home automation.

    There's the consumer-facing kit (Nest, Somfy, Ring, etc) and then there's the stuff that's been the backbone of "smart homes" for decades - KNX, LonWorks, C-BUS, Dynalite, DALI. If you're looking for products where HVAC is their bread and butter, as opposed to a niche category - these latter systems are the ones to look at.

    They're mostly two-wire bus-powered low-bitrate protocols, so would very likely work over your existing wiring. For example, KNX, you could use an Elsner KNX eTR 101 thermostat (and it's even quite pretty!), an ABB VAA/S6.230.2.1 to control the valves, and then grab a 1home Bridge to have all those devices show up in HomeKit, Google Home or Alexa.

    For home theatre, the big thing is sound - having the room well treated, being able to tune in minute detail, and being able to drive multiple outputs. My go-to for high end home theatre is a QSC Q-SYS Cinema system - and if you want to get really fancy you can go Atmos (the real Atmos, not the consumer kind).

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    Psittac reacted to PartyingJoe in I need HELP with my new house...   
    As someone who lost a close friend when they moved into their new house please i beg everyone not just linus please get yourself a carbon monoxide detector they are fairly cheap and a absolute life saver . You can't smell  , taste or see carbon monoxide . Boilers , gas fires , water heaters , gas cookers , open fires etc if not burning correctly can produce carbon monoxide. It great their is proper ventilation but just incase there is a leak just get one any way it better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it .
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    Psittac reacted to BondiBlue in GTX 580 supported on win10?   
    That's under full load, so it's not a valid comparison when just being used as a display adapter. The 580 will still use more power, but not that much more. 
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    Psittac reacted to Smackaroy in GTX 580 supported on win10?   
    any graphics card will work with windows 10 
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    Psittac reacted to thewelshbrummie in GTX 580 supported on win10?   
    If it's just for display out, use the 610 over the 580 every single time. 29W vs 244W, so around 10% of the power consumption of the 580.
    It'a a Kepler card so "game ready" drivers end in October. Security and bug fix updates will be offered until 2024, though I note that the most recent Win10 64bit drivers available were launched in March 2018.
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    Psittac reacted to VectorTech in GTX 580 supported on win10?   
    Again it should work just fine.
  10. Informative
    Psittac reacted to BondiBlue in GTX 580 supported on win10?   
    Yes. The latest driver for that card is from 2018, but it does work. I had a GTX 550 Ti running in a Windows 10 system a few months ago. 
    Yes, that will also work fine. 
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    Psittac reacted to VectorTech in GTX 580 supported on win10?   
    There are likely some old drivers that support it for Windows 10 just fine- it won't be awesome, but it should work.
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    Psittac reacted to Fred_Redstone_2 in Why does it tell me i can't install windows 11   
    Mabe just don't install a version of Windows 11 before its release?
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    Psittac reacted to OscarMike in Constant #rate reported different   
    from what i understand reported hashrate is what your miner reports to the pool. current hash rate is an average calculated by the amount of effective shares your miners submits. from what i understand many people are trying to hash the same job but only one miner will complete the algo and find the correct answer. this is where a share is submitted. obviously with more hash power you can accept more jobs so in turn you have a greater chance of finding correct answers. i would look more at the average hash rate as that takes the average of submitted shares over a much longer period of time i think 6 hours or so. as long as your average is around the same as your reported hashrate you should be fine. 

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    Psittac got a reaction from dogwitch in My Midlife Crisis Car   
    I think this video was done perfectly for the audience, tech enthusiasts of which some will also be car enthusiasts, many of which have the disposable income to drop a bucket of money on a fun car.  The only gripe I have would be the fact that every problem mentioned here is nothing more than a software update and that was mentioned but perhaps underplayed.  I guess that's part of the art form though.  I have been sold or lost on video's of products, granted much cheaper products, when I'm in the crux of a decision and looking for a video that highlights my desires or points out my fears, either of which can be ignored on a review by review basis depending on where my slider is on that topic.  In the end I believe you stayed true to your audience base and this video was thorough consumer information.  Gotta stay legit to the audience first and foremost which can open up future video spots.
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    Psittac reacted to tikker in Constant #rate reported different   
    Current and average hashrate generally aren't the same in my experience. Even more so if you compare local to online. The current reported hashrate is what it's currently doing. The average one is averaged over some timespan.
    The discrepancy between the two I think is most likely that the miner itself is reporting raw hashrate. If you take a long time to submit or receive stuff to or from the pool, however, you'll have a lower effective hashrate.
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    Psittac reacted to harryk in Need help with btc   
    As it states, Coinbase only supports crypto-to-crypto conversions for Mauritius. 
    If you want to buy or sell with fiat currency you will need to find an exchange which supports such in Mauritius.
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    Psittac reacted to rice guru in Useable headphone stand   
    I've used these yoga blacks  before. Not really a fan personally the way it flattened my pads over time really messed with seal and I like to naturally break in clamp and pads. Those thick pads though shouldn't be affected. Personally I prefer these hanger style stands I get for like $10 each on Ali express.ignore the fact that this pic was taken outside. I was doing some camera app testing with my phone with natural light and needed a subject.

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    Psittac reacted to tikker in Crypto plan sanity check   
    You can't avoid fees really. For an exchange they are typically fixed and otherwise you set a (realistic) number your comfortable with and wait until it goes through. Ledger seems to have RVN support: https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011981839-Ravencoin-RVN- If that coin interests you, go for it. I think the setup is good. I would put the cards in order of favourite ocin. Personally I'd put the 3080 on ETH, 2080 on NiceHash for BTC and the 1070 on either ETH/BTC or another alt, but that's just because I'm more in on ETH than BTC.
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    Psittac reacted to dizmo in What wireless headset should i get?   
    If you use a stand alone mic I'd just get a pair of proper headphones. Gaming companies don't do audio quality well.
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    Psittac reacted to Chris Pratt in EVGA RTX 3060 Mining and Gaming Question   
    Where'd you get that from? That's not how it works.
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    Psittac reacted to Chris Pratt in EVGA RTX 3060 Mining and Gaming Question   
    That's not really an issue any more now that Bitcoin is so high. You have to factor in electricity costs, but with a 30 series card, you're going to make far more money mining than the cost in electricity. I make $5-6/day and pay maybe $.25 in electricity.
  22. Agree
    Psittac reacted to Chris Pratt in EVGA RTX 3060 Mining and Gaming Question   
    Your hashrate is about right. I get 59-60MH/s on my 3060 Ti. The profitability per day is a little off right now, because Bitcoin took a tumble. It'll improve as it goes back up again.
    As for games, being stuck on that driver revision is going to cause problems sooner rather than later, but you'll cut you hashrate back down to 20-25MH/s if you update. That's the breaks with the 3060, unfortunately, you're ultimately going to have to make a decision between game stability and mining potential going forward. More likely than not, gaming is going to win out.
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    Psittac reacted to airborne spoon in big difference in reported and actual hash rate ethermine   
    it takes a while (like an hour or so) for your hash to equalize, there will be large fluctuations in the current hash speed.
    your average will be similar to the reported speed the speed your miner says in screen is the reported speed
  24. Agree
    Psittac got a reaction from Tigerleon in will my motherboard support the full potential of my sennheiser massdrop hd 6xx?   
    Full potential is a misnomer on the 6xx because it is VERY revealing of everything involved whether that's the source (flac etc), dac, amp or even a bad cable can make them sound better or worse.  I would however say that you could enjoy them just fine with onboard, I did this little experiment but remember I don't have golden ears and for a bit had some taenites but it's just a simple quick comparison.  I went between onboard, single ended and balanced and each time it was an upgrade (I adjusted volume to keep them equal).  Someone once told me that you don't know what your missing in audio until you've heard it, then in retrospect you can tell what has improved..... so just enjoy what you have while you have it and if you want to make it a hobby or just find something new and interesting then start adding thing's.  The 6xx scales very well with improvements to the chain so it will appreciate what ever you do.
    I would say however that tubes on these are going to give you the biggest change/improvement per dollar spent AND you can get a new experience for $20+ a pop for tubes and change it up. That would be my first purchase after the headphones personally.
    The rabbit hole goes deep in this hobby and these can's but it's an enjoyable journey no matter how far you go with it
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    Psittac reacted to RPGBraden1 in Upgraded my PC now I have really bad audio....   
    tried my Bose on my iPhone and they sound fine. I used my old Logitech headphones on my phone and motherboard and its def the board. So I will have to go with an external solution. Thankfully I can get a either a SoundBlaster g6 or a Fiio k3 overnighted to my house for free.