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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to pull data and certain functionalities from Microsoft Teams and integrate it into my own custom program? Has anyone managed to do such a thing? Something like the "chat" functionality, to pull it live from Teams and integrate into my own Task Manager. I'm quite curious to see what you guys think. Many Thanks
  2. Ok thanks man. I'll have a look around, see what the boss thinks.
  3. Thanks. Ja, not interested in game development unfortunately. I have heard of Flutter, but is it really the best option? Obviously if you look for it on Google then they will tell you it's the best.
  4. Hi there. I wok for a small software company, working mostly in the aviation field. We are trying to start developing mobile apps for some of our clients. Currently we use .Net, Java, C#, Visual Basic, and Python for our programs, and HTML5, CSS for our web based applications. So the question is what is a good cross platform Framework to use for development on Android and iOs devices? Using native only frameworks are not an option, as we cannot spare the extra time, or recourses, to develop the two different apps. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi there. So I work for a software development company, yes we do have those in South Africa :D. Now, in this company I do a lot off on site calls. Everything ranging from 2km away from the office, to having to fly over 1000km to go see and troubleshoot clients problems. Now I've been struggling to get the perfect setup for my IT grab bag. The main pain I have currently is the amount of cables I have to carry around, and trying to manage said cables. I've used some Velcro cable ties, for now, but everything still looks too cluttered for my liking. Yes I could just take a few cables
  6. Hi there, I've currently got a custom program running on one of my servers that monitors the overall CPU usage of the server. It then sends me a Message, to my phone, when the CPU usage is above a certain threshold. Now I would like to change that up a bit. I would like the same type of idea, but on a per User usage. All of our clients connect and work straight off of our server. So I need a way to see who is using up all the resources, per User, like in the task manager you can track and see what User is using what percentage of the CPU and RAM. Is there a way to pull that data in
  7. Please don't take this the wrong way, I appreciate the feedback, but I think you misunderstand. This server will be for me and my own personal use. I wont be hosting the business websites or programs from it. It is simply there to make my life more convenient. So I'm running two machines currently, both windows 10, both with the exact same software. Instead of me transferring whatever code, I'm working on, from one machine to the other, every time I change workstations, and most probably just creating bits and pieces of copies of updated program code across my 2 devices. I want to be able to s
  8. It did cross my mind to do more of an online solution, but the boss does not trust in it at all. He's a little old school when it comes to those type of things. But the main issue is that a lot of the programs we do work on have databases, with major amounts of very sensitive information in them. Therefore something like a dedicated server to store everything on, and be able to monitor it, might be a better solution.
  9. Hi there fellow techies. I would like to hear your opinion on a few things that I've been thinking about doing, any feedback would ne greatly appreciated. So this is my current dilemma. I've recently started a job at a small software company. We do programming, and all sorts, in various different coding languages. Everything from Microsoft Access VBA to HTML/CSS to .net and Python. I currently use a laptop at work and my, much more powerful and quicker, PC at home. Definitely much more comfortable So my dilemma is I do a bunch of coding at work and finish up for the d
  10. I love the front facing speakers and it has an awesome custom LTT skin!!!
  11. Hello fellow users of the internets! I need your help please! I am looking into buying a laptop for school. It will have to be able to run Revit 2014, as I take EGD, and will last me at least 2 years. I will also be using it for basic programming and microsoft office. Other than that I don't really need that much performance as I have a dedicated PC for gaming and rendering my Revit projects. Budget is a bit tight though, $500 max (maybe a little bit more), but I would love to hear what you guys suggest. Thanks in advance!!!
  12. Hi there!!! I am looking for a router that can handle 20+ wireless connections and that isn't going to tear my wallet. The router will be used in my house, yes I know 20 is a lot for a house but I have a big family with a lot of devices. Any help will be appreciated!!! Thank you
  13. Hi there!!! I'm looking to buy a new graphics card as my current card is giving me problems. I have two cards in mind, the R9-280X and the Gtx 670, as they both fall in my price range. The problem is I don't really know which will be a better buy? Any other suggestions are also welcomed! Thank You!