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  1. This looks cool, I wonder where I'd put it in my house thought
  2. Try to press the clear CMOS button
  3. It is true, the French retailers have sent back all their 1070 & 1080 OC cards and have no stock on them since 2 weeks
  4. It could be worth but not that much IMO Your PSU don't stand a chance against these cards, you'll have to get a better one
  5. You will need a M.2 to PCI-e adapter and you could fit 5 of them in there (taking the 3 16x and 2 4x)
  6. Because this card is more likely to end up in htpc and most displays use HDMI, it's just my opinion but it would make more sense
  7. Why on earth would you put 2 DVI output on this ? I would have understood 2 HDMI
  8. So would you like that motherboard rare or medium ? Jokes asside, drivers are still in a early stage, problems with certain games will be fixed soon I think
  9. On cpu bound games like the witcher and gtaV for example it definitly will bottleneck
  10. The "low" frequency combined with a FlameThrower Edition makes up a big diference
  11. here are your bottlenecks, also you should plug all your monitors on one card only
  12. Just here to point out that the temperature of the card itself is not relevant to the ambient temperature, it's just how well the cooler transfers heat out of the card (energy is always conversed blabla). So aftermaket or reference cooler will ONLY change the temperature of the card, nothing else unless you underclock it
  13. I have an ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger and so far so good ! I managed to overclock my i5-6600K to 4.7 @ 1.325 V (not 24/7 obviously) and It held up very nicely. The board looks good despite the red and silver accent that could go against your color scheme, great product otherwise