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    RTX 2080
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    1xAdata M.2 250GB 2xSamsung qvo 2TB
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    EVGA G2 750w
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    Aorus FI27Q-P 165hz 1440p
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    G Pro Warless
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    Yamaha HS7
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    Windows 10

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  1. is threaded optimisation in NCP only for hyperthreaded cpu's? just got a 9700k
  2. Budget (including currency): my friend took his new pc that would not post to a pc shop and there telling him that they think the blue usb cable is or could be bent and to come back tomorrow correct me if wrong but that would not casue the pc not not show no signs of power, completely optional feature to have depending if youre case supports usb3? shouldn't need to be plugged in? Country: Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going
  3. what would be the best option to replace my isp router? dual core 1.8 or a quadcore 1.5 is that the best metric to go off? what should one consider when purchasing a gaming router? these are the two i was comparing. any help would be great thanks. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rt-ac86u-dual-band-wireless-router-ac2900-wifi-with-4-port-gigabit-lan-nw-10n-as.html https://www.overclockers.co.uk/tp-link-archer-ax20-next-gen-wi-fi-6-ax1800-dual-band-router-nw-224-tp.html
  4. im looking for a gaming router to replace my ee hub. would a router like this have everything i need? or is it worth spending more? will this help with games like MW warzone, or csgo? will i even notice a difference? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/tp-link-archer-ax20-next-gen-wi-fi-6-ax1800-dual-band-router-nw-224-tp.html
  5. Hi i recently go given an amazing present a 165hz 1440p, but i already have a 240hz 1080p and was wondering if itl effect my gaming going between the two for more casual and competitive shooters and singleplayer games as such. i play alot of R6 on my 240hz at 450 dpi do i keep the same dpi? should i change it to 600 for the res change, and what about the screen sizes as well 24.5 vs 27. it just dose feels a little different at same dpi. so i guessss question being am i gunna loose my platinum rank for not sticking to one monitor or one size or resilution? do i just bite t
  6. so ive just seen this video of these escape from tarkov hacks that arnt even run off your pc or in a VM so they cnt be detected by anti cheat. is there anything that could be done at all?!?! or are we going to see this spill over into other games, maybe it already has i dont know. couldnt you install anticheat onto maybe the home networks router? hmmm any thoughts?
  7. I can set global but its grey in applications. I used to be able to set it per application, will this still work?
  8. looking to get a second monitor for my setup,I have a 240hz tn for competitive shooters. was wondering what the bets monitor is out there for some immersive single player games. should I go ultrawide 1440p? im thinking a curve would be nice. but then with them new 1ms nano ips displays should I grab that? what are peoples thoughts?
  9. what ram should I buy for a 9700k? im getting my friends 9700k and was wondering what ram I should pair with it to get as high fps as I can in games like pubg and Escape from tarkov and battlefield ? worth getting 3600 cl16? its coming with 2666 cl15
  10. currently own a cheap 144hz 1080p TN. play fps games and rpg's mainly ips vs tn? big difference ? would love a ips for rpg games but would I regret it when palying shooters like Rainbow six?
  11. so I should go any higher? 3000 cl16 seems to be stable at 1.37? and how can I check the heat as the pot above mentions? cnt find dram temp anywhere?
  12. i have my memory at 1.35 v at 2800 will that be ok. new to overclocking memory and i know that's stable aslong as that voltage is safe. all i can find is it saying niece a cool voltage at 1.2 on the internet
  13. at 4.9gh 1.315 v and some cores hitting 85? fans on full blast. I'm getting abit nervous. any ideas? no workers failed yet 20mins later. like with prime 95 my fans ramp up at some point during the test every now ad the and that's when im at 85 will cpu heavy games brig me to the same temp or would this just be prime 95
  14. should that be enough? thought a bad mount might have done it. should I use prime 95 to stress test? I have my ddr4 overclocked with 1.35v to so maybe that's why temps are higher
  15. but for basically idle on the web and downloading a game its abit high right? with my 6700k at 4.6 id have 26-30 idle and 65-70 under load? TEMPS UNERLOAD FOR 5 MINS