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  1. Sorry for the late update, the machine is done now and its running below 50'c on full load (:
  2. Finally the water cooling parts are here, partially. Taddaaa~~ Finally fit almost everything in for now.
  3. this is for one of the customer build, I wish I had that much money to spend too There should be 360 + 240 radiator will be used on this build.
  4. Hi everyone, its been a while I start any build logs and here is the latest build I will be working on. Hopefully everything will be fine and looks good in the end of this build log. Build Component AMD Threadripper 1950X ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000 MHz 16GB x2 Samsung 960 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD Crucial MX300 2050GB SSD x2 Inwin 909 Superflower Leadex Platinum 1600W Watercooling Component Pending
  5. Yea it's (: it will be lovely if the gpu shroud also in white.
  6. Finally the build is done, and wonder why the GPU is missing? The owner is waiting the new NVIDIA GPU (:
  7. I screw up a few tube ... this is only what i can do =\
  8. Thanks bro! Will keep it coming! Don't think I'm going to paint that shroud because it's already in Silver... and my client requested not to paint too haha
  9. Stuffs coming in more and moar!! Going start routing soon.
  10. This came in earlier today ... Hope you guys can guess what this will be..
  11. Besides the metal, the color combination is superb too. I can't wait till everything is being put together...
  12. This case just look huge without the front HDD cage... One of the best watercooling casing that you can get out in the market!
  13. A little updates coming, this build will features acrylic tubing by Emarque, one of the best place that you can get your water-cooling parts in Malaysia. Here's some of the hardware that I will be using in this build