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  1. I'm not sure if this will reach the LTT media group. I just started on this forum and thank God the people here are nice and helpful and a bit sarcastic (which is nice). Anyway, when will the LTT create an app with all the same components of this site? It would be faster and easier (I guess) for tech heads who mostly sleep with their phones on their faces. And would also be great for seafarers (me in particular) who has a 150mb of data a day only. (this thought just hit me after finishing re7) good day sirs.
  2. need some help sirs. I don't know what laptop to buy. It would be great to have a future proof laptop. really need some advices on this. -sorry for bad english. thank you sirs.
  3. just one question. WHENS EPISODE 4 OF SCrAPYARD WARS!!?!

    1. FilipSebik


      1 week after the 3 episode was released