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    4x8GB G.Skill TridentZ 3600MHz (16-16-16-36)
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  1. Physical computers I think it's 7 if I did the remembering right. If we're talking about instances then probably ~20 with VMs added in
  2. The reason you don't see getting 100% link speed (aka line rate) is because of overhead and how different devices handle that (showing it or not) but in a point to point connection through a switch that can operate at line rate (ie almost all of them) you will get 100% of the line rate assuming no issues with either NIC on each end. What might be different is how the application handles the display of overhead. If you send tons of 64byte packets + ethernet overhead your link might just strip the overhead of the ethernet header off when showing things to you so you have to do the math to figure
  3. Have you ever used CrashPlan before? Outside of an enterprise setting I will say it took FOREVER to back up even a single TB of data. I have 940Mb Up and Down with my ISP and it was uploading at maybe 5 to 10 Mbps even when configured properly to use much much more, that's as high as I ever saw it go. I switched to Backblaze a year or so ago and I backed up 6TB of data in the same amount of time CrashPlan took to backup less than 1TB. I always found the UI clunky and not intuitive and there were (not sure if there still are) like 4 different pro versions as well. Last I checked CrashPlan
  4. If you want smart without internet then look at Zigbee and Zwave devices with something like a Vera Controller or similar.
  5. Maybe read their privacy policy then because they explicitly state what they do collect (hint, it's not "everything") nor do they sell it.
  6. Do you have any proof to back that up?
  7. Ah, I hadn't heard that about Mikrotik but good to know
  8. Cisco ASR9922 and Cisco 8818 perhaps? Kidding aside, if it wasn't for the licenses I've got I'd be off my Meraki APs too due to licensing costs. If you want to stay enterprise-lite kind of gear perhaps some used stuff off ebay or Unifi/Mikrotik would be good options.
  9. pirated drivers? what? There is no such thing, you download the drivers from nvidia for your GPU.
  10. Unless you leave your motherboard for many years without cleaning it there is no need to do anything other than blow the dust off now and again. Anyone saying you need to clean it from anything other than an aesthetic point of view is trolling/lying to you (Theo Joe is troll content btw) UNLESS you're doing LN2 overclocking and need to clean off Vaseline or other goop.
  11. If not a Microsoft hosted then they are redirected to a microsoft site where they can download it, yah.
  12. When building a PC and you say "I don't need X let me get RGB instead". Like if you're stuck between an RTX 3070 and 3080 and go with the 3070 to have RGB.
  13. If you use outlook then use the encrypt feature: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/learn-about-encrypted-messages-in-outlook-com-3521aa01-77e3-4cfd-8a13-299eb60b1957 I would find zip files and passwords to be a royal pain for clients.