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    JanusBananus got a reaction from stconquest in $750 Budget Gaming PC   
    sure I need all the help I can get
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from Caloon in $750 Budget Gaming PC   
    After looking the parts up it came to about 8000 SEK (960 USD) without the OS, which is way over budget. But thanks nonetheless.
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from delet my acc pls in 1600 USD Gaming PC!   
    Jag är inte precis en hardcore gamer, så jag tror inte att jag kommer att behöva R9 290. Men jag tänker däremot byta ut 760 till 280x och samtidigt nedgradera till en Hyper 212 evo.
    Man tackar för hjälpen!
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    JanusBananus reacted to Excon in What Really Grinds Your Gears?   
    When people quote posts with pictures.
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    JanusBananus reacted to Wulfgar in sacrifices you've made!   
    Not trying to be an ass, but your sacrifices are...well...possibly the easiest sacrifices I've ever seen. I'm guessing you're a teenager?
    At my first job (minimum wage) I ate rice and beans every day for 3 months straight, still made rent and all the bills, and was able to save up for a $1200 PC build.
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from AxelPeeters in Mark III   
    I'm looking forward to seeing this build get finished, it's going too look awesome!
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from Mansel in Starting my first full blown build   
    I like where this is going, a nice and clean build!
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from ShearMe in Looking to buy a new headset   
    Good to know, since I don't have experience with them. But the reason I would get the DT770 is because I prefer closed headphones and the DT880 and 990 are more expensive.
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    JanusBananus reacted to Hans Christian | Teri in EA raises $18,000 for AIDS research.   
    Not to be rude, but what a bunch of inconsiderate kids you all are. $18.000 may not sound like a lot coming from a company like EA, but this was raised by EA employees, not by EA. It's a great, genuine gesture towards fellow humans and you just throw it away because of two capital letters that you've learned to hate.
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from pewpewmerica in best none sexual, physical feeling? [care to share?]   
    YES! I would kill for a good medium rare steak right now!
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    JanusBananus reacted to AraSarkisyan in Ruin a wish.   
    I wish EVERY corrupt government official would be thrown in the Rancor pit. 
    Ron Paul elected president. 
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    JanusBananus reacted to Hirad123 in How did you become interested in computers?   
    Parents bought me an old PC. Started to educate myself and fell in love...with linus that is
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    JanusBananus got a reaction from Makaseo in Define R4, Haswell, & 760 Build   
    If you want more white accents then get the Noiseblocker eloop b12-ps. It's a great quiet fan, it also looks really good in my opinion.