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  1. Understood. You still gave me a really good advice, thanks!!
  2. YES!!!!! This is exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much!!! Do you know if there are also with USB Ports (since it goes to PC) and Optical port? That would be dope
  3. Hi all, I am currently using VoiceMeter for aggregating via software my multiple audio sources, 7 so far. I am unable to play loud audio in the night so with my wife and friends we often connect a headset each and we couch game or play movies. Sadly tho, VoiceMeter sometimes get distorted or the sound gets terribly slow... so I have to restart the pc and everything gets back all right. I am using the mobo sound card and I think this number of sources + VoiceMeter is getting the mobo mad sometimes. I was wondering if there is some pc mixer
  4. Hey everyone, My case is a Lian Li PC-Q37 and I freakin' love it till my guts. Sadly, starting from a couple month ago one of the 2 USB port in the front stopped working. I tried to test it with a USB tester and no voltage is passed whatsoever... its just dead and I don't get why only one stopped working and not both since its a block powered with a single USB 3 Internal connector... I've looked around and usually the easiest solution (since I'm really not an expert in electronics DIY) is to just replace the front I/O. The problem now is that I cannot find the
  5. Hey sorry for the reaaaally late reply! In the end I choose an EVGA 1080ti SC2 ICX so I still don't know if it would fit
  6. In the end I think I might be using something like this so it'll be less intrusive possible and only the receiver will be shown
  7. The desk it'll be a simple IKEA BEKANT so I don't have a rear panel to hide them but I could just tape them all underneath the table... I was more wondering if some of us come up with a clever and out-of-the-box idea
  8. I'm about to switching desk setup and I'm planning everything to make order and look as clean as possible on my desk. I'm a huge fan of wireless controllers (any console), and I'm using them to play a lot of couch games on steam or party games with some emulators. At this point I'm writing on my desk I have: XBOX 360 wireless adapter Wii U Wireless adapter WiFi / Bluetooth antenna Bluetooth Transmitter All these four are objects with a wire and a tiny receiver on the end. I don't know where to put it on the desk since I think they should
  9. I'll Reply to myself because I've found really useful info The Samsung S34J550 is also known as SJ55W and it's perfectly g-sync compatible ?
  10. Has anyone tested if the Samsung S34J550 is actually compatible? I would like to buy it but I'm not sure...
  11. I'll try it! thanks and thanks @AAJoe for the advice
  12. Hi all, I've been using the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless (first model) two years from now for gaming and music and I absolutely love it. While I'm gaming I'm using the Boom Pro Mic (always from V-Moda) but that has a cable, and I prefer to wear them via bluetooth. I was wondering if there was a solution to attach maybe a wireless boom mic to it? will it work? - see attachment I'm honestly not interest in the modmic wireless solution since it costs way too much and I've already have the possibility to use a mic - just not the way I would rather go tho :)
  13. While waiting I've tried all the combination so: - I tried to switch the dimms and 1 of 2 is working on dimm_b1, - If I remove the one that's not working the dimm on b1 is still working - If I use only the working dimm but put it in dimm_a1 is not working anymore - If I use only the not working dimm in dimm_b1 still doesn't work I'm starting to think that I have a faulty mobo AND 1 stick of ram also? could I be this unlucky?
  14. Yes is a mini itx mobo supporting dual channel and has only two slot. The module A1 (first channel) standing by the manual is the one on the right. Tried that but still nothing