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  1. My favorite thing about the M8 has to be the build quality and design.
  2. It was interesting but an Athlon x4 750k and a r9 270 would cost about the same as your setup. What i am saying is that i would like to see more configurations and not just turning dual graphics on or off but if you already have an apu and want an upgrade then dual graphics doesnt seem that bad.
  3. @LinusTech did you guys get one? Is that whats today's video about? Edit: Oh, i see the stormtrooper thread.
  4. Hydrogen is my favorite element and i think it is the future fuel source at least for cars but this product is just ridiculous.
  5. Finally it is here. BTW this is the perfect time for me. Keep uploading them at this time.
  6. I love this case. I really like the drive mounts and the fact that it doesn't have a 5.25 inch bay. I cant wait to see a custom water cooled build in it.
  7. its in the original post
  8. Battery technology has not change over a decade. Battery life is the only aspect of a high end smartphone where low end phones do so much better. My mom has a black and white nokia phone and she can go 4-5 days on a charge, even my old lg low end android phone got me 2 day of battery life. I really hope that there a lab out there where they are doing some research on this one.
  9. Wow! 2,656 most online

    1. looney


      To bad that was during a DDoS :p

  10. Some new information has pop-up. i have updated the post. the resolution thing is still not resolved
  11. My take on 1440p display. It is definitely going to be better than 1080p but if HTC can work there way around things like battery life and performance then i have no problem with a 1440p display on a phone but think about it, if the new htc one does or doesn't have a 1440p display is it really going to affect your purchasing decision? I have a note 2 with 250ish ppi and in normal day to day use you dont even think about it(even though i read a lot on it). at 440ppi or 587ppi i think that display resolution is going to become less important when choosing what to buy. @Glenwing @LAwLz @S
  12. Yes but when you consider how they moved to 4MP camera on the Current htc one. They are willing to go against the norms if its necessary. HTC is quite a nice company that way compared to Samsung who threw 8 core in a phone. :huh: Edit: I bet samsung will definelty put 1440p in the S5.