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  1. Congratulations for that massive studio you built. It has excellent puns, inconspicuous death traps and even fucking comic sans. What else could you possibly want? Chairs maybe. And holy moly all that money that's standing around. That was really fun to watch.
  2. Peak clickbait again, goddamit! *sad simp noises*
  3. Let's look at Andy's haul: Stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen, stolen. Nice haul! Damn that small pc build is awesome and the overall setup as well.. And yet this upgrade felt weaker, or less entertaining than the others before? I'm still jealous though.
  4. "Where you expecting that (the battery lidslides so easily into place)?" "Yes, I designed it that way" Those were two awesome videos. However the way Linus narrated all of this gave me the impression that the casters/goldsmiths were incredibly annoyed by the presence of Linus and his team. And the "glitter compensation" xD
  5. They also sent out a patch two days ago that bricked note 8 pros... Just be careful and backup before you update.
  6. If the house is the equivalent to the add-on then you have to assume that you own the property the house is on. And that doesn't make much sense. And what would the harm be? The harm is no greater than actually offering a subscription model to begin with. The average customers that opts for the subscription instead of the purchase is already aware that they will never have 10k for that feature. They will by the sub for a month to test it, and maybe a few more times to impress somebody or drive to a different country without any hassles. Tesla won't get any money or any
  7. But this is not for an apartment that you don't own. That is about a subscription for a service for a good that you already own. You don't rent the car. And if you just rent the car then it is a different topic anyway. You can do the same in League of Legends for example. If you buy a champion bundle with several skins, and you own the champion and maybe one of the included skins, then the price for the bundle is reduced by the amount of rp your already owned items would cost. The thing is that there is no harm in actually offering that, regardless of how long you own the car. It has
  8. Why not? It's just another incentive to buy the full license. If a sub costs 100€ - 200€ and you used it 10 times then you already spent 1k+ € on it. And maybe you are more likely to fork over 9k €, or less at some point if you keep buying the sub, than paying 10k + subscription fees in total.
  9. With a little luck the subscription payment will count towards the purchase price, but I doubt it.
  10. But how would a subscription service for fsd benefit me? If I'll splurge so much money for a car and I am already interested in fsd, that markup for an fsd feature surely isn't going to break the deal. Especially not when you are allowed to use fsd nearly everywhere (at some point in the future). And looking at the price for fsd, the subscription fee would be around 100€ per month. Or probably more, given that it is a car and knowing what type of person stands behind the company. The only real benefit that I can see would be for holiday trips, for a week or two. Maybe
  11. Because that was the criteria I was given, simple as that. Mostly because of China, Huawei and the fear of not getting android updates for, well, political reasons. I didn't know that Motorola was also china based but Motorola has been a somewhat trustworthy brand here for a long time. And yes, I am aware that I was basically tasked to try to square the circle; getting the best bang for buck while excluding the strongest manufacturers when it comes to good performance for a very reasonable price. I've looked at some reviews for the g8 series and it seems pretty good. I'd probabl
  12. I am not entirely sure if this is a problem. When I talked with my dad he just told me no huawei, because of the news and because chinese phones might not get the latest android updates anymore. So I kept that requirement a bit broader.
  13. I'll take a look at these, thanks for the rec. It'll be a christmas present from my dad for my mom. I've heard that Pixel phones have a good camera but I am not sure if he wants to gift a used phone. I'll keep that in mind and make the suggestion, thanks!
  14. Christmas time, and I as the "Family IT Guy" got tasked with looking for a budget phone for my mom. But I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to phones. My requirements: Budget - Around 150€, not more than 200€ ( $180 - $240) Android (preferably one that can get Android 11) Good Camera No chinese manufacturer I basically need a good camera that can be used as a phone and has the capability to "do internet and maybe watch youtube videos and play sudoku." It gets used to make quick calls if necessary and make good photos and videos when they have