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  • CPU
    Intel Xeon 1231 V3
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte h81 d3h
  • RAM
    HyperX 16GB 1866mhz
  • GPU
  • Case
    Thermaltake versa h15
  • Storage
    Samsung 1TB HDD Sandisk 240GB SSD
  • PSU
    EVGA 550W
  • Cooling
  • Mouse
    EVGA Torq 5
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. On amazon.co.uk it shows that the RX 480 is about 220 pounds (262 euro) and it seems like the incorrect price, When do you think they'll start lowering the price to the price of the 169 pound r9 380? ( 200 euro ) i'm hoping to either have the rx 480 by the end of this month or the 1060 but I'm not so sure about the price and when it will drop to 169 pounds (200 euro) because it seems as of now overpriced compared to it's marketed price
  2. Should i get a EVGA 500B PSU bronze or a Seasonic S12 II 620W PSU bronze Which one would be better?
  3. Will the EVGA ACX cpu cooler fit inside my pc case? It's a thermaltake versa H15
  4. Even though there isn't a lot of benchmarks on the RX 480 do you think it would make a better price to performance card than the gtx 1070 and maybe something I should put into my build or should I get the GTX 1070 or even RX 490 (when announced/released) since I have the budget to do so or should I go with the cheaper option
  5. When is this card gonna be announced and do you have any expectations to how much this card might be?
  6. Would a Core i5 6600 be smooth enough for Music production and some photo and video editing and of course some Gaming or would it be better just to get a Xeon E3 1231 V3
  7. Do you think this card might perform like a fury X? or maybe a 390X?
  8. Are bronze psu's likely to blow out more than gold rated psu's or does it just depend on the manufacturer that makes them? i'm considering getting either the EVGA G2 650W psu or the XFX 650W XXX edition bronze (made by seasonic) but I'm not sure what would be a better option i'm not sure if I should lean towards the evga one because it's gold? Any thoughts
  9. What's a good budget GPU to buy while waiting for the GTX 1060, I don't want to spend too much on a gpu right now while getting ready to build my new system but I'm looking for something cheap to use for temp use until the 1060 is released. Any suggestions ?
  10. Would a cheap gtx 570 refurbished be an ok buy. Would it be safe to get and would it be reliable after purchase (I know it's a old card but I want it for the sake of waiting out for prices to drop on the gtx 1060 or 1070 when they are out for a while, I'm building a system) there was a few I saw on ebay, amazon etc that I found and I want one to use until I get a pascal card
  11. Do I need an iGPU to install windows or can I install without the igpu and use a dedicated gpu?
  12. Ok so I want to make my first custom build but since the new pascal cards care coming out i'm looking to get a 1060 or maybe a 1070 but the 1060 doesn't come out until fall so I was thinking if this would be an ok option for now to get the 570, Even tho it's a dated card and by todays standards not an amazing performing card but playing minecraft and gmod things like that on it should be fine to do while waiting for the GTX 1060 to come out in fall. Do you think this is a good idea for now? I'm getting a Xeon 1231 V3 which has no integrated graphics so using an igpu is out of the equation. gtx
  13. Would the EVGA GS 550W power supply be better than the EVGA 550 G2 since the GS is made by Seasonic?
  14. im building a system soon for editing and gaming I used an external 4tb hard drive by wd and that filled up
  15. Should I get a single 6TB WD blue drive or go for two blue wd 3TB hard drives? which would be better