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  1. Wow love that build. I'd almost wish I could buy one, but then... price.
  2. Thanks for the input, guess DDR3L it is then. Also, as of the second part, you both lost me completely. I can't even see the N1xxRF model number on Eurocom website. (a google search seems to say it is motherboard number) And, are all post here ending in a discusion between you too?
  3. Great, I'll wait till they get out to take a look at them. Would have been cool to be able to remove RAM completely too. Speaking of RAM, I'm not too knowledgeable on laptops, but any reason why the Shark models use DDR3L instead of DDR4? I thought it was CPU related but the Monster 4 seems to have the same CPU but uses DDR4. Thanks very much for your help @Pendragon and @Dackzy. Pendragon: In several topics I saw some people saying to get your opinion before taking a decision, I know why now, You're quite knowledgeable. I never knew there were higher taxes in ON, that sucks. Be
  4. I won't need the custom bios, but guess it's nice to have. Right now Eurocom seems to offer good prices, and I can see them in $CAD. Being able to remove HDD and putting my own SSD will most likely save me money, that's a good thing, thanks for the advices. Right now I'm hesitating between the Shark 7 (bigger screen) and the 5 (smaller screen, but a bit cheaper and lighter). Any comment on those two? The quote also can give an estimate of taxes (I'm in QC, so 5% tax it seems), and shipping, which is good to get an idea of the final price. I was looking for a new one
  5. Ok, good to know. I considered my old laptop as acceptable gaming wise when I got it, so my (un-informed)-self would think a 960M or 965M would be enough. Games I play right now are Skyrim (can play it on my laptop at low graphics with no problems), and Black Desert Online (fan is going crazy and loading times are way long on laptop).I wouldn't play much more on it.
  6. Seems to be only shiiping fee (min is 50 USD), will check their models. As for Eurocom, what's prema mod bois? My main problem right now is what graphics card would be good. I saw in some other topics than 10 series GPU where getting kinda hot, and I won't need that much power. So it seems my options are Sager and Eurocom with the 960M and 965M. Would that be enough? I will also keep the ThinkPad P50 in my mind.
  7. I'm not in the US, hence the 2000 $CAD. I'm also asking advice here as laptop reviews are rare on YT, and aimed outside my needs for most
  8. The only time I heard of sager was when Linus did a review of one, and when he showed the config of one on twitter not long ago. I have to admit that I thought they would be way to expensive and haven't thought of them. Will look!
  9. Hey everyone, So i'm looking towards replacing my current laptop which is 5 years old and getting slow,loud, and hotter than an AMD card. The replacement would need to be not too heavy (my current is 8lbs with the plug, which is too much for me to want to bring it to school), with a decent battery life if light usage (I would have access to plugs almost everywhere if needed), and preferrably an SSD, but I can always add it myself. I would mainly use it to take notes in class, watch movies in bed / internet browsing. But it should be able to run some 3D CAD programs (mainly Solid
  10. I understand why it was made that way, but the GPU will look better (IMO) if it's put the other way around because of the fan. But i'm sure that later in the build it will look very integrated in the design. I like the spacecraft idea as well, can't wait to see more of it!
  11. Looking good. Good use of the available space. I look forward to more pics and the build log. In your drawing it says that the material is SS, is it really that? Also... damn it seems to be heavy
  12. I swear I can see that thing smiling cause it's so happy to have found that res....
  13. Ambitious project that's for sure. I like your approach so far, and you're doing things right I think. I was always bothered by the excessive length of cables from the PSU and for the USB headers in the 202, I think it's kust making things harder for cable management and simply gets in the way. Where will you put the GPU? If it's in the usual place, will you have to use only one fan for the rad?
  14. Looks interesting. But some precisions: is it a wall build for a desk? For the welding, as long as they are strong enough, and it's behind the frame, I don't think many people will care (at least not me).
  15. Gratz on winning, I haven't seen all the builds that were registered, but yours was the best looking.