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  1. It's very much possible, with limitations. Attached is a custom posed figure pulled from Chivalry 3D Printed on a DLP Resin 3D Printer (at tiny scale). I did a tutorial on it years back but the polygon count of in game files is very low, games hide this with bump maps and textures. You can't easily print your 'custom character' from skyrim because all the armour and details are defined in game, but printing the .nif assets is easy enough. Here's the more recent fallout 4 tute, will work with skyrim.
  2. Like @Hackentosher said, the cheaper you go the more time (and probably $$$) you'll spend getting it to print. The LOWEST I'd go personally is the tronxy X1, I've reviewed it and it's not bad for the price but needs upgrades and is PLA only, and small. The cetus is awesome for $350 if you want something wifi enabled that will print perfect pretty much every time, again PLA only no heated bed.
  3. To be fair the MK3 was only just announced, it'll be a while till they start shipping. For the budget check out the Cetus at $350. It's strictly PLA only, but man does it work good and is assembled in a few minutes. It runs their own slicer and is a bit 'closed' so if that bothers you, go for the open source prusa.
  4. You don't need a heated bed to print PLA, but it does help. $250 won't buy you much beyond the most basic of kits like the TronXY X1. You'll spend more money in future on upgrades. If you can save to $350 get the Cetus, it's ready to run, simple and in my experience perfect for a first printer. It just pumps out PLA parts.
  5. These machines are total deathtraps, you're lucky it didn't go up in flames as they have no safety features at all. Get a proper PSU from a reputable supplier if you want to keep using it, and you'll have to enable thermal runaway protection in firmware.
  6. lols, yes I browse the LTT forums on occasion.
  7. Possibly getting confused over the Ultimaker 3 ? There will be a Prusa Mk3 no doubt... but yeah, MK2 is almost perfect. For that budget though almost everyone would go with the biggest CR-10 and spend the change on mods to the extruder and frame to increase rigidity.
  8. I hope you enjoy trouble shooting and assembling complex electronic systems Kits can... take some time to come 'online'. Also please be mega careful wiring the mains power, you don't want to touch those wires or have it short to the PSU case. So far I've found the Cetus to be the best 'bang for buck' fully assembled machine (you screw the bed and print head on.,. that's about it), but it's ~350USD, PLA only.
  9. makersmuse


    PVA absorbs moisture from the air like crazy, within hours of cracking open the packet and ruins it... plus very low melting point so you might have some issues pushing it with PLA through the single hot end on the MM upgrade prusa. Honestly breakaway support is awesome in the new slic3r, I'd stick with that.
  10. Why must Australia be so far from... well everything :<. Would be so keen to host a panel on 3D Printing.
  11. I use automotive car bog - it stinks super bad so use in an open area, but mix the hardener in and go to town on the areas of your model you want to patch - then use generously wet sandpaper to bring it back into shape. Use 2 part epoxy to glue pla bits together or fill small areas, and finally... don't even think of using power sanding tools, you'll melt the print apart. Have fun!
  12. Cheapo manual lathes have too much backlash and 'slop' for CNC conversions... like others said, what is the goal? There's probably a more realistic solution.
  13. The Original Prusa i3 mk2 is a great machine - and a well documented kit with good support, but it's not cheap for an i3 that's for sure. If you can swing it sure, otherwise consider the Wanhao i3 V2.1 (monoprice maker select or something in US). I have both and they both produce decent prints for the cost.
  14. Keep an eye out for the 'cetus' - it was a recent Kickstarter by TierTime and stands out among the ~$300 3D printers as it uses high quality linear rails not rods, has wifi and a decent build volume. You'll be printing PLA only, but honestly for most things it's good enough. Officially the pledges start shipping in a few weeks but it's open for preorder. I've got one of the review units and like using it so much I took it on holidays with me lol.