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  1. Was just wondering if that physical slot on my motherboard is an M+B M.2 SSD that means there is two notches protruding right? Which means I'm only limited to M+B type M.2 SSDs yes? That's kind what I'm confused about, I'll have to open it up later today and get a proper look at it.
  2. Was hoping I wouldn't have to open my laptop to check But it's looking like I will thanks for your help
  3. Acer travelmate tmp449-m Lite-on technology 128GB CV3-8D128 So would that mean it won't be worth getting a x4 PCIE nvme as that would be limited to a PCIE x2 because of the physical slot on my motherboard?
  4. I'm just unsure about the actual slot on the mobo of my laptop, would the stock M+B type M.2 ssd currently installed suggest the mobo has an only m+b slot, the extra notch of the b-key on the mobo would interfere with putting an m-key m.2. Or does all m.2 slots on the actual mobo are a universal slot
  5. Hahaha great, so putting an would the extra notch of the B key conflict with an only M key type ssd? Also would I be losing any performance putting an M key type ssd into a B & M slot? Thanks for your reply
  6. Hey guys, As you can tell from my title I'm just wondering if an M+B type M.2 can fit into an M-key slot' I'm asking this because my current laptop has an M+B type M.2 currently installed into it, although I want to upgrade it to an NVME ssd which all have an M-key so I wasn't sure if they were capable both ways Or would I missing out on some performance putting an M-key SSD into a M+B type slot. Thanks for your help, I hope I haven't confused you with what I'm trying to say
  7. So I managed to figure it out, basically I was searching the wrong thing in google. I kept searching '"fastboot not working windows 10" which came up with using ADB and Fastboot for android device modifications Went into the bios and checked that I had "Ultra-fastboot" enabled and started searching about that Turns out you have to have the drive you're installing windows in as a GPT drive whatever that is and the code I mentioned was what would convert a drive to GPT in the command prompt window just before the installation as well as installing windows in UEFI mode. Didn
  8. So the title might seem crazy for someone on this forum as for most of you (if not all) installing windows is a very basic and trivial thing but I've got a question about specifically what I did that I've now forgotten When I installed windows on my desktop I wanted to use the fastboot option my BIOS has and I found out that you have to install windows in a specific way for this fastboot option to work. The only thing is I can't remember what I did to ensure windows installed correctly and was hoping pros like you would be able to help me out All I remember
  9. Goodness me, what is the roll over for new gen then? Every 2 quarters or something? Also, when would be the most stock for motherboards for the new gen to come? Just as an analogy, if the new 14nm cpu's were to come out next month. When could I expect all the motherboards from the major brands to release all their motherboards to accommodate the 14nm cpu, maybe 4 months after?
  10. Would it be safe to say that if I were to build a PC, Q1 or Q2 or 2017 would be good in terms of the most stock to choose from and decent pricing of said stock?
  11. Wouldn't competition always release something to compete both in price and performance?
  12. So if you had estimate what months or quarters of any year I should build a new computer, what do you think would be a good time?
  13. But doesn't the prices of the graphics change between when they initially sell and say maybe 2 or so months after they are released to the market?
  14. Basically the title, I'm wondering what is the most ideal time to build a PC (Month(s) of the year specifically) in terms of - Newest gen products - Most stock (Companies have released most of their line up for the new gen, motherboards, graphics cards etc) - Cheapest prices (The prices of the new stock has come down to it's lowest and most consistent point, eg DDR4 was incredible expensive initially and now is much more affordable. Or GTX 980 Ti models being extremely expensive and have dropped a little, as per competitive prices of companies in competition) - No need to worry abou