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  1. Sound is subjective so my best advice would be that you go to your local audio store, audition both of them and see what you like best. Try to have a DAP or your smartphone and some songs to listen to it with. You may be able to borrow if you don't but your mileage may vary.
  2. Hi! I was looking for reviews on the Inwin 301 when I saw this. B2G says it's a grounding connector for the case. What does this do? Isn't the case already grounded by the PSU? Will I get electrically shocked by this? Thank you!
  3. The Z270I from Asus' is an ok board but if you're paying that much for a motherboard, I'd at least have one USB 3.1 connector that isn't a front panel one (you'll have to get a case with front panel USB 3.1 to take advantage of it). I recommend looking at either the MSI Z270I Gaming Pro Carbon or the EVGA Z270 Stinger.
  4. The Plenue D looks so good (This is the one right? http://kakaku.com/item/K0000835480/images/) I'll note of that Thank you!
  5. Hi! I'm trying to look into DAPs to replace my iPod Touch (4th Generation, the one with the shiny back) 64GB. Right now I'm looking at the FiiO X3 II. Is this a good upgrade from the iPod Touch I currently have? How does the FiiO fare when I play FLAC in it? Would there be better suggestions? My price range is anything in between $100-200. Thank you!
  6. 480 wins hands down. It has better performance at DX12 and Vulkan. Not to mention the good driver support AMD has for older GPUs if you plan to keep it for long.
  7. Out of curiosity, given the new Asus Z270I ITX motherboard with the front panel USB 3.1 (which I think is kind of a bad decision) and Ryzen's native USB 3.1 support, when can we expect cases with front panel USB 3.1 to come out? And speaking of cases, will Fractal Design most likely be releasing an I/O converter for cases like the Nano S? Thank you
  8. Hello! I'm planning to do some custom mods to a Define Nano S, one of which is a reservoir that lights up. Originally I wanted to go with UV reactive fluid and UV LEDs but I remembered I'll be using white and like a rainbow underglow on the PSU shroud plus I don't like the idea of UV LEDs blinding me because believe me when I say I actually stare inside my computer for long periods of time) so that's out. Would this new idea work? Tape up a white LED strip to the back of a reservoir filled with clear blue coolant from EK/Primochill/AquaTuning etc. I'm trying to achieve like a glowst
  9. More phases means better power delivery. Make sure they aren't split in weird configurations. Also, make sure the PCB is not too thin and that the VRMs have proper heatsinks.
  10. Me: Dad I'm getting AMD Ryzen 
    Dad: AMD will always be inferior. Forget it! 
    Me: Intel is expensive tho. 
    Dad: Intel is expensive because they're super powerful and of high quality. 
    Me: That's not necessarily true. 
    Dad: Shut up. No AMD for you.

    Well well... Guess I'll potentially be stuck with an underpowered system for until I graduate from uni.

  11. Something you wait for according to the comments. It's AMD's new CPU lineup. We're expecting it to hit Intel hard so their prices will drop and finally have some real competition.
  12. This is the result I got from Outervision's calculator. Will a 520W Seasonic Platinum fanless unit be enough for this? I'm planning on running an i5-7600K and a GTX 1070. (I know I should wait for Ryzen and get an R7-1700X with an X300 motherboard but my father imposed an "Absolutely No AMD CPU in the house" rule.)