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  1. You should've explained to our fellows that the multiplier is actually 10², not 2, although I understand that you have to use 2 to match your colorcode. It's kinda ghetto solution but it should work. Try to declare the number as a string, so you can use len() and left() functions properly. If you use the len() function on that string it will return the multiplier + 2. For example: Len("1000") returns 4, so the multiplier is 4 - 2 = 2 Then using Left("1000",1) and Right(Left("1000",2),1) returns the first and second digits respectivly Sure there are some other ways that envolve more math,
  2. Are you guys using RivaTuner to watch FPS rates? I'm having trouble using it on BF4
  3. As far as I know it'll beat titan (at least it's what some "leaked benchmarks" are showing). I personally expect that nVidia will cut some prices and release a new GK110 card to compete with AMD. Who knows?
  4. You should check Project Euler too, specially if you like math. It helps you exercise the process of thought in programming
  5. I agree with some folks here that you should get into C/C++ more deeply. The first language I learned was PHP, and it gave me a really good basis on object-oriented programming, it should help you too. The real thing is that once you learned the logical process of programming, there are no boundaries when it comes to languages. As @Flynn said, it's more about the techniques.
  6. I don't think there's much to do than thank you for sharing this. Such an useful tool! I'm not working with websites anymore but I'll surely keep this in mind for a future project.
  7. I am still considering that idea. Probably it'd be the easiest way to do it
  8. Nowadays they're just storing the information on excel I was thinking about access because it's easy to use. I'll read about MariaDB
  9. Hi guys! I want to program a system to show graphics in the company I work. Basically, it would be a system that retrieves information from a database and create a series of graphics showing the performance of the company. It should be noted that a lot of people would use the system to include data on it (so I would need different "users" and stuff) First I was using excel, but since it didnt have a tool to format graphics based on data (like conditioning formatting for cells) I started to use VBA on it. But now I feel that it's too complicated to use a tool for the Job Well, my question