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    i7 10875H
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    asus ROG Scar 15 2020

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  1. So I'm wondering if I can get good frames playing on 1440p using my RTX 2060 115W laptop. Of course I'll be using an external monitor which means I will bypass optimus which improves my fps and also using dual channel RAM. Everything else will also be optimized to the best performance mode. Can I expect 60+ fps in single player games like RDD2, RE2, RE3, Witcher, TombRaider, FarCry, AssassinsCreed and 90+ in FPS games such as PUBG, Warzone, Apex (all with competitive settings tho). I know it
  2. people have been saying dual channel affects more in cpu bounded games. sad
  3. just wanna test my systems, i also ran it with 4x 2x and off but still around 130-150 fps in deathmatch dust II so 8x msaa is not the problem...
  4. but i saw single vs dual channel ram comparison on youtube and the difference is around 20 fps... and btw those youtube videos i attached also uses 8x msaa so i should also get higher fps even with 8x msaa.
  5. I have an ROG Strix Scar 15 2020 laptop with the following specs: 240hz 3ms screen 8 core i7-10875h RTX 2060 115W 16gb ram (single channel) 1TB SSD My Windows settings are as optimized as possible already. Game mode is on. All my graphics drivers are updated to the latest. My Power/battery settings are also set to full performance. Nvidia control panel also set to high performance. Nvidia low latency: Ultra When I run a CSGO benchmark using Ulletical benchmark workshop map on all Maxed Settings which is as follows:
  6. by the way my drivers are the latest too
  7. no, no stutters, i just cant see enemies clearly, especially when in warzone and apex where enemies are jumping up and down when we are shooting each other.
  8. so i have a asus rog scar 15 laptop with 240hz and rtx 2060. playing apex legends and warzone, and typically other games that is fast paced feels "not as smooth" when im getting around 90-120 fps. only if i get really high frames like csgo then i would feel thats it is smooth. and games like pubg which is not as fast paced like warzone also feels smooth even with 100 fps avg too. ive configured and optimized my windows/ laptop settings to the best possible settings and yes my screen also set to 240hz and vsync and such is off.
  9. it doesnt work, i tried all drivers. I think the problem is my laptop detecting the touchpad, because it doesnt detect it so my drivers dont know what to do
  10. 1660ti for me is the gpu to go in a gaming laptop instead of 1060 1070 and 20... series
  11. though i forgot to mention the sleek design for school means the nitro 7 is the best for you and the helios 300 is the worst do check out the nitro 7 now, i think you'd rlly like it
  12. with that budget a nitro 5 or nitro 7 with the 1660ti will give you all you ever want. for me at least the helios 300 might be an option too all the laptops i mentioned above has (144hz, 1660ti, good screen, good cooling)
  13. I have a Lenovo Y50, its really old and keyboard is dirty so weeks ago i ordered a new upper body/case for it which is the palm-rest area with the keyboard and touch-pad which is built in. yesterday the product arrived and i tear my laptop apart and assembled it again on the new body. everything seems to be working such as back-lit, keyboard keys, touch-pad, light indicators. The only problem is the way the touch-pad works. first, the touch-pad on the new body doesn't have gestures, i cant even right click by using two finger click at the same time, i need to press the right side o
  14. does turning off nvidia optimus increases fps? i saw a video by jarrod's tech comparing optimus on/off and it can have a 20fps difference on games like watchdogs 2 :/
  15. thanks for your help mate. I just really dont wanna let go of this laptop yet, its still flawless since i got it and i really took good care. i even upgraded to ssd,16gb ram, and 120hz ips panel w/ bright accurate colors