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  1. never was really into supreme, but for some reason I'm really into palace even though are basically identical. Trying to get enough money to buy some bape never had a piece from them.
  2. HEY HEY HEY, It's me your brother back after an almost 1 year hiatus from the forum I comeback with more interests than just computer hardware. So for my first topic in ages, I want to know if anyone in this community is into any fashion or streetwear brands for example Supreme, Adidas, Bape, etc. Also would like to know if there are any sneakerheads here and if you are mind posting some of your collection? 8)8)8)8) ily
  3. RMA them if that won't work, I'd recommend the Corsair K65 keyboard since the lights are RGB so you can use any color you want, it's got a great build quality and it's also less prone to get it's LED's shocked cause the lights are inside the cap of the switch.
  4. I'd go for a keyboard with cherry mx switches so K60 RGB, if you can a 2013 Tournament edition/stealth would be another good alternative if you can find them anywhere, but from your choices i would go K60 RGB
  5. i sound like a generic gamer who doesn't know anything, but i use a razer blackwidow 2013 with actual cherry mx blue switches since in thailand this is pretty much the only thing widely available also it's better than razer's kailh green switches.
  6. pretty much what i would have said, couldn't have agreed more.
  7. I honestly think any of those above are great choices my preference is probably the XPS 13 or a 13" Retina MBP
  8. I can't really think of anything but CM honestly that's probably the only thing I ever flash since it's really clean and fast imo, just try to find a really stable build of it unless you want to keep flashing repeatedly.
  9. I'd recommend on starting with a slight bump first, about 4.3GHZ and if it's not crashing and not causing any problems just gradually bump it up till it's limits. The key is having a balance of clockspeed and voltage.
  10. LaoJr

    School Stuff

    Just want to hear your guys opinions on why it is important for students to be aware of the ASEAN economic community in 2015 (if any of you guys have a clue what I'm saying), this is part of my Ambassadors speech and this is my question and I would like some opinions and some needed information
  11. Get a amp, you could kind of say that a sound card is just a eq since you will have to download some software and drivers for it whereas a USB amp just plug it in the computer and plug your headphones in.