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    Octagoncow reacted to kenchikuka in Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   
    Came in here just to find out. Disappointed. =(
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    Octagoncow reacted to bit in Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade   
    didn't even say if he went over the budget smh
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    Octagoncow reacted to Zodiark1593 in Hitman 3 PC Players Will Have To Buy Hitman 1 & 2 All Over Again, while advertising them as "at no additional cost" for Steam owners.   
    For most games, isn’t pre-ordering quite redundant anyway, especially with digital copies being a thing? I’d imagine supply of game copies is seldom a problem that one would have to worry about getting ahold of one. 
    Random personal tidbit time: The only game I’d ever pre-ordered was Pokemon SoulSilver. 
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    Octagoncow reacted to Eigenvektor in Hitman 3 PC Players Will Have To Buy Hitman 1 & 2 All Over Again, while advertising them as "at no additional cost" for Steam owners.   
    One of the reasons you shouldn't pre-order anything and wait for reviews.
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    Octagoncow reacted to Windows7ge in 'Your c**k is mine now' - Hacker hacks 'smart' chastity cage and demands $750 of BTC as ransom   
    Oh dear god this is a thing? Who in the right mind thinks using such a device is a good idea? Something like this really doesn't need to be an IoT device.
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    Octagoncow reacted to Senzelian in Ticketmaster admits it hacked rival company before it went out of business   
    That $10 mil fine is not going to put their rival back in business, so it was probably worth it.
  8. Agree
    Octagoncow reacted to RejZoR in RIP Adobe Flash, you changed the internet forever but you will not be missed   
    Everyone raving how they won't miss Adobe Flash at all and dismissing it was a method that for years delivered video content to the masses and provided endless hours of enjoyment through games and animations it helped create. It was also a method of creating insanely rich and visually appealing webpages that were just not possible through HTML at the time.
    Just because it didn't age well in its final stage of lifecycle, that doesn't mean Adobe Flash didn't push online content to new heights. HTML5 literally replaced it because it copied its functionality without being dependent on 3rd party plugin and it's now an integral part of browser engines. So, people who diss and dismiss Adobe Flash just to look cool are annoying fools. Without Adobe Flash, I don't think we'd evolve HTML the way it has.
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    Octagoncow reacted to Spotty in Samsung to manufacture NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 SUPER Series GPUs next year (Updated)   
    It's important to note that neither Samsung or Nvidia have disclosed what the new deal is for. There is speculation that it is for Super or Ti cards, however there is also speculation that this new contract is actually for the new generation mobile GPUs which seems more plausible and less interesting. Maybe the new contract is just Nvidia securing more of Samsung's production capacity to meet the rising demand from customers?
    From TechRadar:
    Hopefully Nvidia continuing/extending their deal with Samsung to produce GPUs is a sign that Nvidia is confident in Samsung's ability to deliver and meet demand and a sign of improved availability to come. (we can hope!)
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    Octagoncow reacted to DrMacintosh in Apple Planning to Ditch Qualcomm Next   
    It's only a monopoly if Apple were buying Qualcomm. 
    Building and creating everything that runs on a product of yours is not a monopoly. 
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    Octagoncow reacted to sazrocks in Apple Planning to Ditch Qualcomm Next   
    Apple creating a competitor to Qualcomm's 5G modems is a... monopoly?
  12. Funny
    Octagoncow reacted to Arika S in Gone like the wind - Chairman Ajit Pai will step down FCC on Jan 20   
    Hope the next person is better.
    But they might trip over that low bar 
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    Octagoncow reacted to bellabichon in Gone like the wind - Chairman Ajit Pai will step down FCC on Jan 20   
    I wonder if he'll go back to Verizon, or maybe he'll start at AT&T. Wherever he can screw over the largest number of people daily, I suppose. 
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    Octagoncow reacted to TempestCatto in NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti Fire Strike, Time Spy, AoTS & Geekbench Scores Surface (Between 2080 Super & 2080 Ti Performance) + Other 3060 Ti Info   
    Gonna set up all my bots to buy them all up and then I'll resell them on Ebay for $1,200 each. Bargain!
  16. Agree
    Octagoncow reacted to Arika S in Nvidia Sold $175 Million Worth of GeForce RTX 30 GPUs To Crypto Miners   
    says who?
    Miners are customers too. Why are "gamers" more entitled to new GPUs than anyone else?
  17. Funny
    Octagoncow reacted to willies leg in New bluetooth hack to easily steal a Tesla model X in minutes   
    All I need to steal any car would be a forklift and a flatbed. Easy peasy.
  18. Funny
    Octagoncow reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in 7 VS 7 - Radeon RX 6700/XT Leaked   
    its hard to make a pointless gpu less pointless lol
  19. Agree
    Octagoncow reacted to Statik in Your Computer isn't Yours   
    I'm far from surprised either, it's really just disappointing.
  20. Agree
    Octagoncow reacted to kelvinhall05 in Your Computer isn't Yours   
    Did anyone really trust that Apple did what they claimed and respected the privacy of customers? Cause I sure as hell didn't, and I'm not surprised by this.
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    Octagoncow reacted to TempestCatto in A lot of android users could be switching to iphone because of long term support and privacy   
    I dunno about that buds. Most people on Android specifically either hate Apple, or don't want to shill out thousands of dollars on something that does the same thing as something else that only costs a few hundred. Most technically able people can get by on their own in terms of security and support.
    I also feel like this could be some kinda ploy by Apple to make it seem as though there's more interest in them. This all could be fake too. Who knows.
  22. Agree
    Octagoncow reacted to Vanderburg in 3 members of Team Xecuter have been indicted in the USA on 11 felony charges   
    Just because you weren't going to buy it doesn't give you a right to it and doesn't mean that the creator doesn't own it. Whether or not you were going to buy it is totally irrelevant to whether piracy is stealing.
  23. Funny
    Octagoncow reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in GN Steve is going to have a fun time with this - Zotac Announces Virtual youtuber version RTX 3080   
    Lol, everyone elce is making rtx 3000, but zotac is making rtx simp-thousand
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    Octagoncow reacted to Dedayog in Apple online store now live in India with greedy and out of touch prices   
    You're right, Apple pricing of their products has always been reasonable til now
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    Octagoncow reacted to Bad5ector in Apple online store now live in India with greedy and out of touch prices   
    Welcome to the wonderful world of the Apple tax...
    Aftermarket stuff like RAM has always been cheaper going third party when talking about Apple products.