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  1. It was the dumb scam where they promised to send twice as much back. It's unfortunate that people didn't see this as an obvious scam even if it was coming from a verified account.
  2. I would be surprised if this was anything other than a placeholder page. Companies do this all the time before actually knowing the price or release date of a future product. If the pricing is correct (and it does seem reasonable) it's likely due to an accurate guess more than anything.
  3. I'm so glad that more epaper display watches are coming out. I loved my Pebble watches and was hoping for a more premium watch to come around with an epaper display. Hopefully the software isnt garbage. Edit: the website states that it's only Bluetooth 4.2, which seems like an odd decision in late 2019.
  4. Just as a heads up, the usb cable that came with the Quest is USB 2.0 and Oculus Link requires a USB 3.0 cable.
  5. I'm pretty bummed about this news but I'm not surprised. I thought eagle prime was cool, but only cool enough to watch the occasional YouTube video on it; not enough for me to want to see it in person or pay money to watch videos about it which I'm sure is the opinion of many people.
  6. Thank you for better explaining your thoughts. Steel vs plastic definitely has trade-offs with weight and strength but personally, I think the case weight isn't too much. It's only around 7lbs (empty, but including the weight of the stand) which I find to gives the case a strong quality feeling without being difficult to transport. I've had no issues with putting my case in a laptop bag when taking it to parties. Plastic injection moulding being cheaper than steel is only true if the tooling has already been made. If the Sentry 2.0 had custom plastic pieces the price would be significant
  7. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sentry-2-0-evolution-of-console-sized-gaming-case Everyone get on the HYPE train. It's happening!
  8. Initially I wasn't going to respond to you since you don't seem very open to conversation, but I'm hoping that we can meet on some common ground to clear up some assumptions you seem to have. If you aren't open to a conversation then I'm not going to bother replying to you anymore; I like to help and inform people with my posts and not argue with people who aren't open to other opinions and make factless statements. The Node 202 is a great case but is only similar to the Sentry 2.0 in the way the case is laid out. The Node 202 is made up of a significant amount of plastic while the
  9. I don't entirely disagree with you; Indiegogo has a significant amount of products that over promise and then never deliver. But this isn't ZombiPL and SaperPL's first crowdfunding campaign. Their Sentry 1.1 campaign was successfully funded and sent out to backers. The only major complaint with that campaign was how long the case took to reach backers after it had been shipped out. They're planning on using a faster shipping method this time so that issue should go away. I realize that past performance isn't an indicator of future performance; but, the Zaber team isn't starting a
  10. ZombiPL and SaperPL sent me a case to review as well. I'm not fancy enough to have a video, but I'll put my review below. Disclaimer: I received this case to review for free, but the following review is my own opinion/thoughts and hasn’t been influenced by this. Since you aren’t able to buy V1.1 I’m going to keep comparisons between the two products to a minimum. I focus on low noise over low temperatures, so I’ve listed the fan speed associated with the temperature for benchmarks. Just because a temperature is high doesn’t mean that it isn’t being cooled well.
  11. Linus is doing a livestream and doing a quick build with Sentry 2.0 right now in case anyone wants to watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzcrTmhOP2s
  12. In no particular order: -Not being tied to iTunes and being able to drag and drop my music and videos onto my phone. -Having real file management. -I still use headphones on a somewhat regular occasion and I like not having to use a dongle. -I like that I can hide my unused apps easily. I like having very few apps on my home screen. -The wide range of prices are a huge plus. The most I've ever spent on a phone is $600 and I don't think I'll spend that much again. -Cheaper repair costs. -This isn't widely available anymore, but I love having a removable ba
  13. I'm super excited to get some reviews for this. I have a corsair SF600 which has the fan turning on and off pretty consistently at idle which is driving me nuts. I'm a little concerned about it being in a case with little to no airflow though. Hopefully the price won't destroy my wallet too badly.
  14. I'm not SaperPL, but hopefully I can help. The screw isn't supposed to go through both the riser and the case. The screw goes through only the case and keeps the riser in place by not allowing the riser to move around. It's a way to make it so any riser can work with the case. You pull the riser through the slot (male end first) from the gpu chamber to the cpu chamber until you can't move the riser any more. You then screw in the screws. The riser should be unable to move due to the screws stopping it from shifting towards the gpu chamber. Just to reiterate; the riser
  15. This could be really cool if it has enough power behind it. I don't think I would buy it since I already own a Rift; but, it might be a cool gift to buy for someone who has never tried VR before. I just worry that this is going to take away focus from the Rift 2 development.
  16. I received my Sentry yesterday and figured I'd share a picture of the completed build. Ignore the mess of wires. I was pretty excited and didn't bother to really do any cable management. The build went pretty well. The best piece of advice for everyone else getting their case is to read the instructions. There's definitely an order for how you should assemble everything. I'm super pleased with my case and how well the crowdfunding campaign has been going. This case is pretty much everything I wanted it to be. Hopefully everyone else on this thread gets their case soon.
  17. I think the writer was just careless and saw the, "DAN Cases A4-SFX - The World's Smallest Gaming Tower Case" title for the A4 Kickstarter and didn't do any fact checking. I'm just surprised that no one caught that error though.
  18. Overall, I enjoyed the video. I feel like the script was a little sloppy though. For starters, you claim that the DAN-A4 is, "currently the world's smallest computer case" at 7.2L. Maybe you meant smallest case that can fit a full sized (~10") graphics card and internal power supply, which would eliminate options such as the NFC S4-mini; but you list the Sentry in your video at 6.9L. You also mention that the DAN-A4 can only be purchased when another crowdfunding campaign starts, but fail to mention that it's the same situation for the Sentry. I can tell that a lot of time has gone into testin
  19. I really hope Google continues to work on this. The concept looks really promising.
  20. ZombiPL said this on the [H]ardforum thread: "We used to make an update on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, but this time it will be a little bit late, probably Sunday evening. We got tons of emails which we need to answer and also we are filling shipping forms for the first part of Sentry cases, so we need some time to move forward. In Poland we already have the 30th of April (it's 1:35 am CET when i'm writing this post) which is the last day of this month, so for us, as engineers, it is a deadline to give you an information about sending the packages. Some of you probably noti
  21. I wonder if this means that they don't plan on replacing their portable line with the Switch. I wonder if anyone was expecting this.
  22. Chances are, if you don't remember entering a phone number, they don't have it. If you're from the US then there was no field to enter your phone number. Just add your phone number, with a comma, after your address and you should be all set.
  23. I asked about this on the [H]ardForum thread and SaperPL said: "Yeah, that's right. It's an issue within indiegogo that not every country has a field for phone number - actually just a few have... That's why we're asking you to fill out your phone number within address line because there's no size limit in those fields." I'm just placing my phone number in the address 2 field. That seems like the most logical place to put it.
  24. The campaign never accepted PayPal from the start, so luckily it's unaffected by this change. I think the Zaber team has suggested prepaid credit cards as an alternative.