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  1. Yea I would use 7 but I like knowing that I can use dx12 with 10.
  2. Yea, I got a Bootable Kali linux drive and all works fine on it. Guess I'm reinstalling. I'm so sick of this pc too. It also has an unfixable stutter issue as well that I could never get to go away even with the help of this very forum. I'm so done with and cpus rn too. Cuz my old pc had the same issue with a stutter. Guess imma get me a 8700k.
  3. Code 28 on all 4 of those devices. Also they are duplicated cuz I only have one mouse and one keyboard. Unknown device is keyboard.
  4. All the ports say they are working. The only issue the device manager shows is this.
  5. I will try this but will be very difficult as I can only use a keyboard for input.
  6. As in pre-os do you mean start up and bios? Works in bios and before windows screen. Once it hits windows nothing works.
  7. Not disabled, but I just realized my mouse and keyboard work fine in bios.
  8. All ports are on damaged and no contacts crossed. Also all pins are soldered down. No damage.
  9. So I just woke up today to turn my pc on and find out no usb ports are working. When I plug my mouse in it light up rgb for like 3 secs then turn off. Same with any other usb device. The only device that works is an old ps/2 keyboard I have. I already uninstalled the serial bus drivers and all other usb drivers and reinstalled em with no luck. Also powercycled pc with no luck. I even removed and put pack the cmos battery and no luck. Any help is appreciated. Specs GPU-------> MSI Gtx 1060 Armor 6gb Ocv1 CPU-------> AMD Ryzen 5 1600 RAM------> G.SKILL Flare X Seri
  10. so what if I delete realtek? would that fix it? abd what is a NIC?
  11. Havent tried disconnecting from internet cuz the problem only happens when the internet is involved and yea ive ran resource monitor and nothing even when it happens nothing spikes. ive also looked in event viewer and nothing looked abnormal. ?
  12. ive always ran on eithernet but rn im using a getto solution to connect to the internet as I have no wifi card abd cant install the modem in my currebt room. Im using a portable router in client mode and have a eithernet from it going to my pc rn. so its on wifi but also on eithernet if that makes sence.
  13. no, only thing I can think of is my network maybe causing this. thats the only same thing from the old pc. I even moved houses and have the same problem but I did bring the same modem and router with me and it all hooked up here.
  14. No matter what I do it still happens. rn im running only steam and 1 game and it still does it in game as well as youtube in IE
  15. I have nothing installed on my pc rn but steam and 1 game and it still does it...... ? it happens randomly though, its not consistant at all.