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  1. surely the marketing team will call this quantum wire technology. I would
  2. Intel has held a near monopolistic share of laptop processors for as long as I can remenber and still holds the largest market share. they are still, by far, the bigger company for processors. In no way are they an underdog. They are still winning where the investors care. p.s am in no way an intel fanboy, but this comment really anoyed me. please roast me if you dissagree
  3. its because last year the developer, psyonics, was bought by epic. The community has been waiting for this news ever since. If you buy the game on steam you will still be able to play it on steam "for now" but after the 23rd you will no longer be able to buy it on steam
  4. theres so many little discrepancies in their specifications missing text, missing resolution on spec sheet??? 3!! different ways of wrighting the swivel... I hope their engineers are better than their data entrants.
  5. wait so what happened to Euclideans tech? was it overhyped and under delivered or did it just fade? what was its issue?
  6. So with the new Ryzen 3 processors performing as well as an i7 it got me wandering. Is a lower performance processor inherently more power efficient? or if you artificially limmit a more powerfull cpu to have the same performance, would there be any difference in power draw? same with a GPU, if you limmited the frame rate of a game, so that an rtx 2080 and 2060 are both drawring the same number of frames, would there be anyt discernable difference in energy usage?
  7. as far as im aware, A 500kg satelite camera with current tech would have a resolution of a few meters, not enough to individualy identify people. but large vehicles and buildings yes. so personally Im okay with this. their claims of 1s delay with only 500 satelites probably indicates a high~ish orbit and so a lower max resolution. nobodys gonna be able to tell what your doing in you back yard. at least... not yet
  8. One example i love is the Rutherford Engine on the Electron Orbital rocket. all of the high pressure components are 3D printed in metal
  9. so I have an xbox one controller that was having a stick drift issue. I replaced the analogue module for that stick but the one I replaced it with doesn't have as accurate an input. its fine for most games but I mainly play rocket league and this inaccurate input really screws me up in it. so my question is, is it worthwhile to get another analogue module and risk damaging the board in soldering again, just for the new module to be as bad as my first replacement or just fork our £40 for another controller
  10. that line is for a separate add-on for going abroad. the video and music passes are the parts that seemed bad. along with these add-ons, the main contract talked about "unlimited social" data which unless they can update the list of social media sources to include every new site then that would be very bad IMO and would further enforce facebook, twitter etc dependancy.
  11. so I got this free sim from Vodafone which is being advertised through UCAS (University and College Admissions Service). I have never looked into sim contracts as i don't use my phone enough to warrant anything other than pay as you go. But this sparked me as being against net neutrality laws, albeit I don't know if there a different set of rules in the UK, or i could be missing a big point in the rules. So what is your Opinion? would you consider this a violation of net neutrality or not?
  12. can we not confuse blue origin with Amazon... Yes Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and blue origin but they are entirely separate companies. its like saying paypal put a satellite in orbit.
  13. I'm not him but, destiny cost $140 million over 4 years. so its not like star citizen is drastically different in development cost progress at this stage. sure it has been in development for longer than most games but just googling "longest game to develop" gave me a list of games that took 7+ years... unrelated but BLOODY HELL Team Fortress 2 was 9 years in development?!?!?
  14. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/re-uk-tax-rebate-advance-for-foundry-42