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    Zentex got a reaction from MoonlightSylv in How to play games with three monitors without Nvidia Surround?   
    yeah he's kinda leaving us hanging here haha
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    Zentex reacted to MoonlightSylv in Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction   
    Forum users are so awesome we get early access to videos.
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    Zentex reacted to MoonlightSylv in Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction   
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    Zentex reacted to LinusTech in Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction   
    It's another father-son project.. An affordable (and awesome) desk PC.. where my dad does pretty much all of the work! Don't worry I'll actually help in part 2!
    Intel 6950X CPU
    Amazon: http://geni.us/yAHl
    ASUS X99-E WS
    Amazon: http://geni.us/1EEuOCF
    Nvidia GTX 1080
    Amazon: http://geni.us/pdOI
    Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition #69
    Amazon: http://geni.us/XctCrNw
    Corsair AX1500i Power Supply
    Amazon: http://geni.us/BlzPWz
    Seagate 10TB Helium Drives
    Amazon: http://geni.us/e9UE4
    Cablemod Cables
    EK Water Cooling Configurator: https://www.ekwb.com/configurator/
    Noctua NF-F12 FAns
    Amazon: http://geni.us/2eEtEQO
    Primoflex LRT
    Amazon: http://geni.us/fXxR
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    Zentex reacted to PLK in PC Randomly shuts off and restarts   
    Having the same problem. 
    No Windows Screen. Just plain simple shutdown. Funny thing is, it all started after installing a gtx 1080. Im certain that my Seasonic X-850 has enough power for it. Sometimes it posts, sometime it didnt. Called 2 computer friends over to help me diagnose. We noticed that the post code was equal to reading from HDD. Figured that the Boot drive was wrong. ok, we found a problem but it wasnt the one causing issues. We theorized that one of my ram sticks died ( i have 2 and 4 possible locations). We would swap them back and forth, trying all the places, and we still got no consistent results. Even though it wasnt a windows error, we decided to disable intel boost. IT BOOTED. we had no idea why. but it worked. Ran aida64, it showed no errors (and excellent temps) . Flawless. We try do restart the computer... It fails. We decide to change the ram config to XMP (we were using very conservative numbers to this point). It boots. Runs well for the day. Im glad i have my computer functioning at all stock speeds. A week later of perfect use, I decide to overclock. Got good CPU and GPU clocks. Just left RAM in XMP. Runs well for 2 weeks. I decide to run Furmark. It shutsdown with no warning. Im running 3DMark stress test ATM, and it's perfect. I feel like this computer really is my new Wife. It runs okay for quite a while, but, from nowhere, it decides to go crazy! I try to understand whats the problem, but it wont give me a simple answer!
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    Zentex reacted to ALwin in DJI Phantom 4   
    I recently purchased the Phantom 4.  The new features DJI added to the 4 makes it easier for beginners to fly the drone.
    Also, if you want to see the quality of the Phantom 3 and 4, there are several videos online. Though keep in mind that the best ones are created by people who know what they are doing.  Photography and videography are two fields where knowledge, experience and skill is more important than the technology.  Of course technology can assist an artist create fantastic works of art, but it won't turn a crappy artist into a master.
    For sub $2000 drone+cameras, their quality is pretty good.  If you want higher quality images you'd have to spend $5000 or more.
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    Zentex got a reaction from Belgarathian in Neighbor Trys to Shoot Down My Phantom 4!   
    I'm too scared. They are aggressive as hell it seems.
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    Zentex got a reaction from stconquest in Neighbor Trys to Shoot Down My Phantom 4!   
    I'm too scared. They are aggressive as hell it seems.
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    Zentex got a reaction from Str_Mape in Neighbor Trys to Shoot Down My Phantom 4!   
    Yeah, I'm in Minnesota, which is in the north of the US, it's not like they were super southern or anything. What happened to Minnesota nice?
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    Zentex reacted to nskceaj in Neighbor Trys to Shoot Down My Phantom 4!   
    Man im glad i dont live in the US.
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    Zentex reacted to Pcinacan in DJI Phantom 4   
    I have watched lots of videos on them and if you are wanting a drone that is the only brand your should get. They are just the best all around. 
    But the question is do you need a 4?
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    Zentex reacted to Michael McAllister in Amazon Quadcopter Program Possibilities   
    With a large enough drone, could be useful for groceries a la Amazon Fresh.
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    Zentex got a reaction from i7-6700K in Why does my HDD do this?   
    Thanks, I'll give it a go in a bit.
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    Zentex reacted to DEDRICK in GTA V - Native Trainer not working?   
    Try Alt+F4 instead
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    Zentex reacted to thekeemo in Windows 10 Button Not Working   
    Not long at all. 5 min if I remember.