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  1. I have now got the mouse working. I updated the firmware and reverted the settings. Thank you for your help sir. it is much appreciated.
  2. Also, the only thing working is the laser sensor. I mean, NOTHING works not even scroll.
  3. I have attempted that several times.
  4. Only about a day. But they require the sale sticker to be o the product. It is no longer on said product.
  5. I can't. bought it used from Bookmans(swap n shop style store). They don't require original receipts to trade.
  6. I bought the mouse used. Would Fanatic still replace the mouse?
  7. I tried this. Is there any other way you could think of to fix the issue?
  8. I have tried to do so but to no avail. Is there any way you could provide me a link?
  9. Hello. i am having issues with the Func MS-3 mouse i have recently purchased. The mouse's pointer will move, but none of the face buttons seem to be operating. Does anyone know a solution?