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  1. I'm leaving a comment to enter myself, I plan to share the link and help everyone as well as Linus himself get to that MAGICAL DUAL PHONE 10,000 (yes, well over 9,000). I wish everyone an equal amount of luck but I reserve some extra luck for myself to raise my own chances of course Anyways, make sure to share the link as well. Linus deserves and honestly it just becomes more rewarding for us in the long term, there really is almost no reason not to do it. Thanks B) Edit: Made the letter "C" in a different color lol
  2. Hey guys I figured it out I think. I changed where it was plugged in on my PC and it worked for the moment, although I did this earlier and it gave no results.
  3. There is only one input on the sub so I can't change that but if I change where it is plugged in on my PC it does the same thing.
  4. Which ca Which cable would I be wanting to swap? This problem has happened before and a new cable didn't fix it
  5. So I recently got a 75W Sony SAWMSP7 Active Subwoofer and it worked fine at first but I went to turn it on the next morning and it makes the bass sound when I turn it up whether there is actually something being input or not. I have it sitting right next to my PC under my desk (as there is no other place for either of them) and the subwoofer before this which was much smaller and older did the same thing eventually as well. I'm realising it is not the subwoofer but something else since they both did the same exact thing. I did a little bit of research but all I seem to be finding is that there
  6. Thank you to those who didn't just tell me I wasted my money, etc. I will try cleaning it and see if that helps, I wasn't sure if this was a known issue or what the situation was. I'll reply tomorrow with my results. (:
  7. I completely disagree with that. I came here in search of help for a product I already own and not to be told I should go buy a different one. Hopefully someone better will come along with real advice. Happy Holidays.
  8. Hi all, my issue isn't that of major importance but it is an issue that I am starting to notice more and more as I've been using my mouse. I have a Razer DeathAdder 2013 and I heard small issues of the 2012 with the scroll wheel as well as also hearing they were fixed on the 2013 DeathAdder. The thing is my MouseWheel Up is much more responsive and registers better than my MouseWheel Down. I do use the Down direction a lot more than I use the Up direction and I'm certain that is the reason, I've tested this in a few different ways with all of them coming to the same result. If anyone has heard
  9. I love my MX Greens so much. I'm not a big guy, just normal. I prefer the heavier switches (:
  10. I just posted it at a reply to his thread on the video, thanks though.
  11. My situation is that I was on a hunt for that keyboard for the longest time, it all started when I was watching CES 2012 and there had been a small showing in the CM booth of the bright keyboard, I'd never seen on brighter, it had the green lights I swear ever existed. The video also included that it had the famously unheard of Cherry MX switch in the color green. I knew instantly that is the keyboard that I want, it has those wonderful green lights to go with my system, it had heavier switches with Tactile Feedback and that oh so musical *clicky click clack* sound. The reason I knew that I wa
  12. Alright, I have to contact a Mod or an Admin to remove my post since it is in the wrong place. Thankyou for those who tried to help, I will post this a reply to the relevant thread.
  13. Thankyou! I apologise again, I will take this down and re-post appropriately.