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  1. The 1070 Ti will fall right between vega 56 and Vega 64 performance.
  2. as fa r as i know acer has new models coming to market in december 2016. Among which one I am eagerly waiting for. x34 p
  3. the extra price for the x34 not only gives you gsync but also 100Hz refresh rate !! instear of 75. So yes pretty much worth it .
  4. no not 3 that would be terribly cramped horizontaly ! It's either one or 4 of them ( Stacking 2 pairs with the top row upside down ) That way you keep a healthy ratio
  5. My build : Mionix Alioth K70 RGB Define S RM1000x NF-F12 NF-A14 X99 Strix asus 6800K NH D15 Samsung EVO 850 1To Corsair LPX 4Go 3000Mhz X34A Predator GTX 1080 G1 sli TOTAL 4350 EUROS
  6. any gaming build over 6000 dollars is overkill man ^^ If you got 15k buy a great HI-FI, DAC with audiophile subwoofer, great chair, great monitor, awesome headphones etc with the rest.
  7. Why ?? I would definitely buy a 34inch 100 Hz ultrawide 3440x1440 Gsync monitor instead of bezels and dual 24inch
  8. grab yourself a great ergonomic chair, I highly recommend the Embody chair by Herman Miller ( about 2k with full options )
  9. Yeah, I dunno if the XL ones are out yet ... Otherwise I'll just use two classic ribbon style bridges, it performs the same basically.
  10. H I'm in the market for an SLI of 1080s. The Gainward Phoenix Goes Like Hell edition ( GLH ) caught my attention, as did the 1080 Xtrem gaming from Gigabyte, but those are 3 slot cards ! Would they fit an Asus Z170-A or a Asus X99 Strix ? Thank you for your input
  11. You can expect them in two weeks time