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  1. I think the main reason people doing that is becasue they have a 100 series on their hand and try to upgrade(like me). I have been use this new rig for about a week and it seem work fine
  2. For my motherboard it just need change the BIOS, but I think for non-Asrock motherboard you may need do more than a bios,and if you want have anything like a i5 or i7 you will need block few pin on the cpu like this
  3. Hey guys I just want share some of my information about the my new rig.I just discover that some people have been crack the bios on 100 seris motherboard so you can run 8th gen cpu on the 100seris motherboard. So I give it a try and it work perfectly fine. I cant be more happy than that. The most of information I can find is in chinese.Here is the only english one I find. Here is the link:https://www.win-raid.com/t3483f16-Fixing-PCI-Express-for-Coffee-Lake-CPUs-on-Sky-Kaby-Lake-non-Asrock-and-some-new-Asrock-motherboards.html#msg4865 6
  4. I am use a shoulder bag for the camera and the lence, and carry the tripod separatly
  5. Thanks for that, is there any suggesting for the head? all they are ball head?
  6. Sure, i guess around 200 should be fine. I mean as kong as it is under 4lb i i wll be fine with it. How do you think about the K&F TC 2534
  7. really dont care, most of the time i am take still pic, so as long as it is sturdy i dont care, I am not really know about the head so if you can suggest a type that will be great
  8. I am use the D810 pluse some heavy lens, also i am use it in a windy place so there gong to be some sand bag hang in the bottom, so I want it a bit more payload
  9. Hey guys I am look for a travel tripod Here is my requirement 1.around 150$ 2.light weight 3.Can handle more than 8KG 4,Dont need to be too tall, but around 150cm will be just fine Hope you guys a good day/night
  10. thanks so much for all thses information, so when I open a raw file, what the color setting will the photoshop use?
  11. Hey guys I am just in to Photography. Here is the thing. I did some research on the sRGB and adobe rgb. Find out that adobe rgb give me more color space. So I set my color space to adobe rgb on my D810. Here is the problem how do i use it correctly. (i only have a 99% of SRGB screen) Do I need change to any color profile in my computer? Why does raw picyure dont have color profile? PS: i am not plan to change the my monitor any time soon
  12. but my point is as long as the camera is moving it will still be motion blur. the gimbel did not just hold you camera in the one place, it just smooth the movie
  13. The problem is i am not sure if the gimbal will help, it will smooth the video, but the camera are still moving even I am not useing the zoom, in some bad weather, it is even hard to stand on the deck. but this is when you take good picture