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  1. Glad it wasn't the IMC. I'll have to give that a shot on my wife's machine. Thanks for positing your solution.
  2. I've read that diagnosis in other threads, too. I just figured XMP profiles are designed by folks way more technical than I am and they would know how far things can be pushed better than I. Maybe not.
  3. I just built two machines using the same mb and ram and the 2200g in both back in January. XMP in both to 3200 MHz. Couldn't get the ram to run stable on my wife's machine (general office use), so dialed it back to 2133, and her machine is now running fine. My version is an HTPC and it took to the XMP profile like a duck to water and it's running at 3185 (close enough). Anyhoo, been following the forums looking for a solution and haven't had a chance to get back to my wife's machine to try a manual overclock of the ram. I'm just writing to let you know you have company. Do you really think y