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  1. Recently a computer in the household has stopped turning on all together. Now there is some important information on the hard drive and we would like to see if its somehow possible to plug in that hard drive onto my computer and recover the information on that hard drive. Now my computer has Windows 7 Home while the other computer had Windows 7 Ultimate or something around that, is this possible?
  2. Medieval Fantasy. More specifically, if your familiar with Warhammer 40K, this basically the medieval version, the original. It has Humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs as well as chaos (Demonic Forces).
  3. My patience for getting a smartphone, also if anyone needed to know, I am on the T-Mobile network.
  4. Just out of curiosity, whats so bad with the G3 compared to the HTC One M8?
  5. THe bottom is a bit weird considering how the front camera is placed but I'm really liking how it looks overall.
  6. http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/68963 Bands seem to line up for atleast 4G.
  7. Currently I've found the OnePlus One 64GB Edition for around $480 on Amazon, is it worth the price? And yes, I am too lazy to wait/try to get a invite.
  8. For some reason, every time at exactly 12:47PM Ingame time, my fps shoots up to 75fps. However after a few hours (ingame) after 12:47PM, the fps will tank back down to 25FPS. Currently I am running ENB, 4GB FNV, a buttload of mods. It's just frustrating playing with such low fps.
  9. Looks like the damn AK Weapon Mod was causing the crashing for me, only problem though now is that occasionally the game will crash when I enter a new building I hadn't entered before, any fixes for this?
  10. Yea, I've already spent 3 hours just finding the mods I want and adding them. I've spwent more time modding than actually playing :wacko:
  11. Currently I cannot run Fallout for more than 15 minutes without crashing, I have multiple mods running and yes, I do have the 4GB Mod as well as the NVSE Plugin however it just refuses to not crash.