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    boorjiusss got a reaction from Shiv78 in Perfect phone   
    Everything included in the pphone's price I mean.
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    boorjiusss reacted to lieder1987 in Windows or macOS?   
    You can go the other way as well and run OSX on a virtual box cant you?
  3. Funny
    boorjiusss reacted to SCHISCHKA in Data Base   
    easiest thing i can think of to set up that has loads of tutorials & plugins would be Wordpress & MySQL. Theres no shortage of developers for these.
  4. Funny
    boorjiusss reacted to DeltaGames in Android Language Change   
    Sorry, I know that really wasn't an answer but at least you're satisfied.
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    boorjiusss got a reaction from Sauron in How to create personalized Android   
  6. Informative
    boorjiusss got a reaction from MoonlightSylv in New Personal Gaming Rig   
    Yep, I want mouse and keyboard included. Windows 10 Pro too. I will use it as Home Lab computer too to create virtual machines. I don't have an absolute maximum budget
  7. Informative
    boorjiusss reacted to Dark in Building a gaming server   
    You don't need internet with an enterprise level SLA, consumer grade internet is fine at his speeds.
    You don't NEED redundant anything besides storage.  If he has a major outage I'm sure the users on his server will understand; unless they are paying for this.
    It's recommended that he use high frequency cores, a sizable amount of ram, and fast storage.
    Consider an intel 4790/6700.  32GB ram.  2x 1TB SSD's in RAID 1.  Quality hardware.  Don't bother getting complicated with denser raid arrays, redundant power, ram disk, etc.
    Minecraft hardware suggestions--
    Requirements Players CPU RAM SSD HDD Backup WAN Up WAN Down [hide]Notes Minimum 100+ 2.5+ GHz 8 GB+ 120 GB empty space 500 GB backup space 10 Mbit/s 10 Mbit/s   Recommended 1000+ 3.5+ GHz 20 GB+ 240 GB empty space 1 TB backup space 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s   Optimal 10000+ 4.0+ GHz 30 GB+ 400 GB empty space 2 TB backup space 1 Gbit/s 1 Gbit/s RAMDisks can considerably accelerate world saving/loading in a very populated server.
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    boorjiusss reacted to Jak1098 in Rack Computer   
    I would love to help you, and there are going to be a million suggestions on this post. So here is the basic video to start with for yourself:
    Here is a newer video with some tips that may be a little more appropriate and up to date:
    It will be the most helpful thing you can watch.
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    boorjiusss reacted to manikyath in Rack Computer   
    if you want to make your own case, i'd suggets you go to a local DIY store (shipping those materials costs a metric shit ton)
    and ask them for advice on the materials they have.
    note: dont tell them you're building a computer case, they'll have no idea. tell them you have some vareous hardware in your garage you'd like to make a box for, which has to be quite sturdy, and with specific dimensions. tell them what tools you have available.
    although, if you have to ask how to make your own computer case, i'd say you better dont. even seasoned case modders make mistakes, imagine what can go wrong when you have no idea what you're doing