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  1. Its only one screenshot from immediately opening the application, however its the voltages, amps, wattages and limits I am concerned A person mention to me that the SOC voltage could be cause of my unexplainable reboots due to pci gen 4 gpu and gen 4 nvme overloading the controller so i am trying to look further in depth before just changing the soc voltage from 1.10 to 1.15 etc
  2. This seems dodgy enough to do, is it the VDDCR SOC VOLTAGE you want me to change from 1.1000v to 1.1500v ? Also do you want to see anything from HWinfo before this?
  3. From someone who doesnt ever change voltages, can reverting an incorrect change of voltage be salvaged
  4. Now this is interesting, because yes the ssd is pci gen 4 and the gpu is gen 4 also but i dont think the ram is running on xmp but its worth investigating
  5. Nah I dont want to start fucking about with ram seating again when the problem only occured 2 months after building it id probs do a clean install before that lol
  6. yah i agree and if it was PSU it seems like it would do it in game or something
  7. I know, im yet to find someone that can take me to the next stage of intelligence on these errors lol Is there anyone we can summon?.....wheres the big guy from the youtube videos that loves tinkering lol
  8. No blue screen indiciates a lack of communication somewhere in there lol Seems like its restarting to protect itself or restarting as a result of x failing but nothing fails when actually trying to check if they fail lol
  9. I dont think XMP is on cause i remember manually choosing ram speed.... ? Nothing is overclocked and Ram seems to pass tests but ill do another memtest if i have too yeah is there nothing in the event viewier/reliability report/ log files to elaborate on this like > so far its just telling us something has went wrong and no other hardware red marks in reliabilty report just the odd random bug here and there that didnt or wasnt red
  10. I just want to be able to read these reliability reports better and what log files do you want and where are they
  11. No blue screens, just screen off followed with a restart. Seemingly GPU related but no overheating, no failed gpu tests, etc no hardware components failing under load or any dedicated hardware tests. Full system specs: MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT MECH OC GIGABYTE NVMe SSD 1TB Asus TUF GAMING B550-PLUS AMD Ryzen5 3600 +WraithStealth 2x8GB Cors Veng LPX DDR4-3200 750w bronze corsair 500gb evo ssd -Think thats mainly them and the restarts are random. sometimes the pc is at dekstop doing nothing...yeah usually nothing when it happens to