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  1. doesnt look like you have cleaned the pc in a while, but i would try taking a plastic pry bar thingy , and try and pry it apart. ive never had this problem
  2. I don't know if anyone here would know the answer to this, But i am wondering if Pyscripter has any sort of file size limit, as in music files or something
  3. just thought of this now, is there any file size restrictions for pyscripter, like for music files
  4. i am wanting to kinda go overboard with it all, so i mean i am wanting to get the skylake and everything going then upgrade my gpus, i mean eventually i am going to fully water loop and overclock
  5. okay, All this doesnt really help my original question though XD, i'd prefer not to use pcpartpicker the main reason being is i dont understand it
  6. alright i will hope that getting a 980ti will be in my budget
  7. mostly gaming, i will probably only get one 4tb drive
  8. i will be upgrading them once the price of 980ti's drop since the 1080 will surely drop the price
  9. i dont do pcpartpicker, i couldnt find all of the parts i had on newegg
  10. probably the 3k range if you are refering to the 960s i will be upgrading them once the price of 980ti's drop
  11. Sooooooo I Dont Know Exactly What Size Power Supply I Am Needing, I Am Thinking a 1000Watt Power Supply, Note: I Will Be Running 2 960s
  12. No clue if anyone can help me, but i am having troubles make a spoof of mario with pyscripter, is there anyone here who knows python well enough to help?