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  1. Correction: The caption should say, "Linus Sebastian: SAIYAMAN!"
  2. Strong Torgo energy in Linus's outfit (from Manos: The Hands of Fate).
  3. You should've turned the power supply around so that the PSU could work as an exhaust for the 3080's passthrough cooling fan. Ten-year PSU warranty, so why not?? I bet the video's sponsor, Seasonic would've looooooooved that!
  4. A fine video, but honestly Linus wrestling with the Micro Center ad copy was the best part.
  5. Shoulda tested the two-in-one's webcam in tent mode.
  6. Credit where's it's due: Anthony says this in the video, at the very end.
  7. It's not the same price now, but I bought the ASUS VivoBook 15.6" for $250 at Christmas. Comparisons: Bigger (duh) Numpad DUAL-CHANNEL MEMORY (4GB soldered to the board and 1 empty slot. I upgraded, and CPU-Z confirmed it running in dual-channel mode.) A more legible backlit keyboard The same hardware specs generally (CPU, RAM, SSD size) Possibly an even worse screen (not even IPS) No ethernet port Plastic ? Fingerprint reader instead of IR camera (I prefer it, but tastes vary.) ? Still plenty of lightbleed on the backlit k
  8. Stigmata! Does that mean the so-called Tech-Jesus at Gamers Nexus is a false idol??
  9. I swear, I thought this name was already taken by one of your major competitors. Not quite, though: https://www.theverge.com/2016/4/25/11498606/circuit-breaker-gadget-blog-announced-the-verge
  10. Hopefully an artist/designer/front-end dev/blogger chimes in to answer your question in detail. It seems safe to say that any time you need to actually USE a picture for something, professionally, its characteristics (including size) become important. Image Search still lets you filter by usage rights, so clearly people are using permissively-licensed pictures as part of their jobs. Maybe exact resolution isn't as important in these days of Responsive Web Design as it was in the 1990s ("This site best viewed in Netscape Navigator at 800x600 resolution!") But to go so far as to get rid of t
  11. Google loves killing the things we love, but this has to be the worst thing they've done to us since removing the ability to press backspace to go back on Chrome. ("Yeah, well, some of us know how to type and like using it, soooooo... Didn't think about THAT, did ya, Google?" —Riley) Aw, who am I kidding: This is even worse! Being able to search for images of a certain specified resolution is useful, dagnabbit! In fact, just today, Windows Update replaced my default Windows 10 desktop background with a much worse variation. So the very day I need a granular Google Image S
  12. I think it goes without saying that Seasonic is proud to have Linus in FULL SEXY MODE overlaid on top of the advertising they paid for. ?
  13. I thought the music in this video was a bit too much. Kinda drowned out Linus. Listening on stereo speakers.