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  1. Hello i have a problem with my SD card. it suddenly became write-protected, now I have tried many different methods to fix this problem but non have worked Just to name the methods I have tried Cmd - diskpart, to change the attribute Formating The physical switch on the adapter Cmd- diskpart-list volume, to also change the attribute diskpart "clean" Formating on my phone None of these methods worked it is still the same, its in a read only state where i can't modify any of the documents ( Add, Delete ) and its really annoying and inconve
  2. Hi, i've wil soon be upgrading an old PC with new parts and hopefully a windows operating system. i just have a certain doubt, on that system i have windows vista 32 bit version. in my hardware upgrade it will support windows 10 64 bit version but what i'm not to sure about is, is that is it possible to just buy the new license for windows 10 and just install it as the 64 bit version or is there something i'm missing or another process to be done. If any could help please, Thank You