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  1. Why do you answer to a 2 and a half year old post?
  2. I don't personally like DeX as most apps are shitty for that mode (specially Netflix........) but I see where it's going and I'd like to see Linux based OS have this feature as more and more open source phones are available. With the Apple M1 chip I can only assume it will be a matter of time before OS for ARM become stronger for desktop use
  3. That's up to you, if you don't need to free space right now, leave them
  4. never talk about brands, always talk about products, both brands have bad products, both brands have good products
  5. Stop making the same thread already, if you are butthurt because you wanted a very fast PC and there is no stock or the prices are high, just fucking wait like a reasonable grownup? Instead of crying about not having the latest tech? Why don't you buy used if you want a fast and affordable PC now? Just grow up and learn that this is a more or less free market, I read everyday an Indian guy blaming their gov because their taxes in PC parts are too damn high, and that's unavoidable even if you wait or not. So you are not screwed, you are just butthurt because there were more people w
  6. No RTX 3000, no Ryzen 5000, no RX 6000, no PS5, no Xbox Series X, and a pandemic going on. What a lovely year we are having.
  7. They have been listed in many consumer sites before, for example in my country: https://www.pccomponentes.com/amd-ryzen-5-pro-4650g-bulk Even if it's "OEM only" there are plenty of sites that sell these components, it's happened for many years now, the Ryzen 2400G was cheaper in its Bulk/OEM variant
  8. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ryzen+4650g Why is this news?
  9. Is it high? Well, it depends on what will be the use for it. It's only high if you consider it too high for your needs. I got a Crucial P1 1TB for 90€ a year ago, not high for a main storage for my laptop back then, but it would be too high for my desktop.
  10. No it isn't? Just because you don't like where a product is heading doesn't mean you have to hate the company? So let's say you don't like thin and light laptops, you would be hating almost every single company right now for doing at least one. C'mon, grow up from all this fanboy and hateboy nonsense. It's just a piece of hardware, it won't hurt you, it won't love you, it won't make you feel anything. It's just a tool.
  11. Manufacturers usually just show tests in which they beat their opponents. They also usually cheat on benchmarks too. They can claim they are better than a desktop CPU... but what CPU? And doing what? What instructions? For how long?
  12. They should have asked you instead, that's why you are so butthurt about it and that's why you insult Linus with a new account and for free
  13. Woah, the quality of this forum has dropped so much even Reddit, Steam and /g/ are better, after 45 days without posting here I think I won't miss this forum much, it's a pity. Not only the lack of quality products to discuss but the moderation of these forums to make it 3-year-old friendly and lol don't like response lol ban'd

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  14. you know what percentage of the customers are those? Because I don't, but I constantly read people purchasing advice saying their system is not even 1 year old
  15. Everybody is blaming manufacturers for the "low" supply, but nobody is blaming those who are upgrading every 6-12 months, who are a big part of the demand. There are people who have been waiting so long to get a new GPU, or to replace their really old systems, and I understand their frustration, but never forget those who are just buying every single new GPU that comes out for the sake of getting the latest tech.