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  1. Here you can get one if you wait from 1 to 14 days, shops are always bringing more
  2. what do you mean "killing off"? btw $300 for a used PS4 Pro is not that good, the PS5 digital edition is $400 and you are suposed to be able to play PS4 games in your PS5
  3. your dishwasher is also a computer you know? just because it can run a piece of software doesn't mean it can run software for mining crypto you would need to jailbreak it, then create a piece of software to run it, then deal with temperature (there have been lots of ps4 broken due to temps just playing) Mining crypto is not like opening a browser, you need drivers, you need specific programs, and I'm pretty sure that even if you could, it wouldn't be worth it and you would be risking breaking your ps4
  4. So Frostpunk is not that easy, huh...? I like how it is similar to They Are Billions in terms of resources and building, and how it gets a politics and discontent aspect.


    1. Murasaki


      Usually I don't play games of such type but Frostpunk was surprisingly fun.

  5. So Firefox has crashed in private window (third time today) but it has deleted all the tabs I had open in the normal ones.

    Perfect, I had around one hundred tabs open, important all of them. And now I have none. Fuck this shitty browser, I'm going to switch, every version is way worse than the previous.

  6. Installed a Windows 10 Compact and it's failing

    Installed Lineage OS in my S10e and it's failing

    At this point I'm going to switch to Apple





  7. you can always reinstall the cooler, if you check the "help, my CPU is getting too hot" posts, most of the time the users suggest to reinstall the cooler in case the thermal paste or the cooler wasn't properly installed, it's all experience after all, if you don't want to bother you can always get it built for you, where I usually buy PC parts they have a service to install everything, some friends of mine used it and for 50€ they couldn't be happier well, if you have the money to experiment you could get a better and reputable air cooler, there are lots of people buying chinese cooler
  8. mounting mechanism? it's a cooler, not a car, I've seen lots of teenagers using it in their own builds to be honest, a cooler is a cooler, there are people in this forum that has been using the same cooler for more than a decade I know what you are trying to say but, the 212 is realiable and cheap, and when you go on a budget, it's better to not experiment and just go with whatever is reliable and gets the job done...
  9. Maybe because it's more than enough for most CPUs? And it's $20-30? Don't put benchmarks meant to heat up the CPU, put real life benchmarks like games, video/photo editing, etc I had one for my i7 6700K and it let me OC it a bit with pretty good thermals, and I only paid 20€ on sale, better than the 90€ coolers IMO for what I wanted (reasonable temps, not the best, but reasonable)
  10. Have you checked benchmarks to see if the performance given by both GPUs is enough for your needs?
  11. Cool tattoo btw haha but unfortunately I don't know any smartwatch with a different tech for it
  12. What about using it in your other wrist?
  13. "I made an account because I don't want Linus to 'offend' companies" *a thread died for this* Seriously, why do you care if Linus attacks a company or not? Is it your company? Is it going to affect them in any way? I don't get the point of this thread
  14. Hello, Son Gay, nice spam you got there, huh?