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  1. Did you check the big orange banner saying "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one."?
  2. For $70 I would stick to the stock cooler until I can get the NH-D15 or Dark Rock Pro 4 for $90, which is a beast, there are few sales from time to time too
  3. Isn't it too pricey for the performance over the stock cooler? I'd get the NH15/Dark Rock Pro 4/Evo 212 any day before that one for that price
  4. People forget why gamer-ish hardware exist, complaining that there are no motherboard like in the good ol' days anymore


    It just takes to look at Planning buildings to check every newbie getting everything gamer-ish to understand it's all marketing, as gamer peripherals (even those $4 mouses), gamer chairs, gamer...anything

    1. DriftMan


      "Look at this COOL IO shield! It's white and purple! Sure it has a great purpose protecting the PC, and it's only $200! Better than that boring $120 that looks for spare parts for sure..."

  5. RTX 3080 (20GB version if possible and if available)
  6. Have you considering doing a clean Windows 10 install? If you don't use many (or any at all) Microsoft services, you can try one of those Lite versions (I'm forced to say, although I don't think it: at your own risk) You seem to be installing and uninstalling lots of drivers and programs in order to make it work, sounds like you usually do it that way until it works, so maybe you did something wrong in the past
  7. But like... What tasks? Surely browsing the web, writting a document and reading a PDF is technically "multiple tasks at once", but what are those power hungry tasks you are referring to?
  8. ^ This And not adding stupid materials/features that make no sense but add a lot to the cost
  9. Isn't Zen 3 the last chip for AM4 motherboard anyways? If so, you'll be fine as long as your motherboard (look for model to check compatibility) supports Ryzen 5000
  10. If you type fast and do not enjoy your keyboard, upgrade that. If you find your mouse lacking precission in vidyas, upgrade that. You can't upgrade the monitor with a budget of a keyboard or a mouse, so I wouldn't upgrade that. Maybe a good headset/headphones+mic?
  11. So I have to write my own recommendation letter to apply for a practical internship next year because my tutor thinks it's best since "we don't know much of each other". Well, it's harder than I thought. Can't compliment me so much, but can't say I'm shit either. At first I thought like those "Grade your own exam" but damn it, sometimes it's hard to come with good things casually.

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    2. DriftMan


      I don't think I should start with "Having the great pleasure of working with this marvelous student...", something doesn't sound right

    3. Skiiwee29


      I know this feeling. I have to write my own employee reviews annually and them submit them to my boss. Feels so awkward. 

    4. DriftMan


      @Skiiwee29 lol little story for you, my sister works in the HR dpt for an well known international company (brand...) and they all have to do that, employees usually go hard on themselves although they grade their work between a 7 and an 8. Executives, on the other hand, grade themselves as a 10 without further explanation lmao

  12. What the hell is wrong with people? It's 3 people telling someone that he shouldn't upgrade his 1080p monitor because "a gtx 1080 is just not enough for 1440p". Those 3 have similar +$3000 setups, what is wrong with people gatekeeping resolutions above 1080p?

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    2. DriftMan


      @Levent I might not be familiar with low end stuff like the 200GE CPU or even the 2200G, and maybe I would tell people that some new games won't run "fine" with those (1080p is standard for me now in 2021, with low-mid settings in most games), but I'm not going to be a jerk and tell you to spend hundreds or even thousands so you can play the same things I play with my settings


      I always ask what games, resolution, settings and the desired framerate because at least in Spanish, most of the users are from Latin America and can't afford the same hardware so instead of giving the easy "Just get the RTX 3060 Ti and a Ryzen 5600X, that's mid-range!" I try to help better. If the OP is nice and is asking questions that a simple Google search won't help much, yeah I'm fine helping, I don't know others...

    3. ProjectBox153


      I am running a 1440p display alongside a 1200p display and a 1080p display off of my RX 570 4GB. A GTX 1080 would be perfectly fine for 1440p. 

      57 minutes ago, Levent said:

      This forum is riddled with ego and misinformation.

      Unfortunately it is at times. That's why I always try to make sure I am right (or as accurate as I can be) before commenting. Why waste your time commenting about things you don't know about?

    4. Moonzy


      I hate people shaming others for buying a 3090


      Like... The op wants it, and already bought it.

  13. My sister gets the suscription from Turkey IIRC for few euros per month, and we all use it in my family (4 members) so, for 1€/month/person it's a bargain, I only use it when I'm cooking or eating alone, or when I feel like doing a movie weekend With the covid out there I think it's just a good deal (or Amazon Prime Video, or HBO, or whatever you like better), you can also suscribe to some ebook/audiobook service too, but those aren't that cheap in comparison...